Sunday, 31 January 2016

Transforming 8 billion passenger trips- Vikas Jagetiya, OMitra, Indian R...

The Indian railways is a universe by itself- ~9 Billion passenger trips on the worlds largest rail network, and Vikas has come up with a social network for every train journey, through an  app that changes that rail journey.
The OMitra app grabs your specific information from the IRCTS SMS received after the booking, and sets everything up for you: track the train, find co-passengers, create alarms, and tells you if the seat is confirmed  It also does real-time tracking of the train and its stops.


Sunday, 10 January 2016

Amazon of India vs Inmobi of the world - my video with Mohit Saxena, InMobi Founder

9 Billion impressions daily. A brilliant startup coming out of India that has gone to scale big. InMobi. My chat with Mohit Saxena, founder.  We talk about innovation, funding, what it was then and what has changed and what keeps Inmobi going. And what the smartphone revolution means to them.


Sunday, 3 January 2016

Mohan Pai on the status of the Innovation Ecosystem in India

My discussion with Mohan Pai on a comprehensive, wide ranging discussion on the Innovation ecosystem in India. ranging from the state, the comparison, talent and the ecosystem growth.

“Innovation is bubbling in India- rural innovation is unrecognised, because there is no market.And urban markets are goring” 18K startups, 75B$ of value has been created growing to $500B in value. Across fields.The technology platform has been a big enabler"

America is about marketing, marketshare, capital and dominance. A mature way of innovation. India is mostly jugaad- not knowing too much, short of resources, talent, money etc… They grow , some succeed, others don’t. The fever is different and younger than in America. China is a very different system as its Govt dominated and they keep big global players out- e.g. Alibaba, Tencent etc where they don’t have to compete with Amazon or WhatsApp. And there is the language barrier as well.