Sunday, 3 January 2016

Mohan Pai on the status of the Innovation Ecosystem in India

My discussion with Mohan Pai on a comprehensive, wide ranging discussion on the Innovation ecosystem in India. ranging from the state, the comparison, talent and the ecosystem growth.

“Innovation is bubbling in India- rural innovation is unrecognised, because there is no market.And urban markets are goring” 18K startups, 75B$ of value has been created growing to $500B in value. Across fields.The technology platform has been a big enabler"

America is about marketing, marketshare, capital and dominance. A mature way of innovation. India is mostly jugaad- not knowing too much, short of resources, talent, money etc… They grow , some succeed, others don’t. The fever is different and younger than in America. China is a very different system as its Govt dominated and they keep big global players out- e.g. Alibaba, Tencent etc where they don’t have to compete with Amazon or WhatsApp. And there is the language barrier as well.


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