Saturday, 28 November 2015

Aakrit Vaish, Haptik Bringing the customer care revolution

My video with Aakrit Vaish- Haptik,  who has created a game changing digital app for customer care.
Simply put, Haptik is your digital personal assistant, that can do whatever you want done via a whatsapp like messaging interface… Check this out yourselves….
You pop open the app, you need work done, buy something, send your request, and someone talks back to you and gets it done.
Humans are lazy, slow but accurate, Machines are fast, convenient and stupid. Bringing the two together is Haptik.


Sunday, 15 November 2015

Development is taking India by surprise-Prashant Singh, Nielsen India

My video with Prashant Singh, MD, Nielsen, India. Some of his insights:

Development’s taking india by surprise. SEC A&B are in continual growth D&E are consistently contracting.  E3 has disappeared from any urban town. The new consumer classification is dynamic and change is visible.

The smartphone consumer is a YUM audience- young, urban and male who spend 3/4 of their 2.5 hrs of daily smartphone time in everything else beyond communicating.

The mobile primetime is from 10-midnight, after the TV primetime ends."

Only 15-17% of smartphone consumers use VOD. We tend to under estimate the exponential curve, video will be one of those that will grow exponentially...

Linear TV will keep dropping and smarter, OTT will keep evolving...

About Prashant

Sunday, 8 November 2015

"India’s time is now, and Yahoo is poised to benefit” Gurmit Singh Yaho...

My video with Gurmit Singh, Yahoo’s India chief,  and he talks about their transition into the mobile space…  a generally very informative viewpoint on the entire digital inventory ecosystem. 
He talks about how their acquisitions of Flurry, ( 1.5 billion smartphones, 50% of the universe) and Brightroll, a video serving platform have helped this journey. 

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Kan Khajura Tesan innovative entertainment with Rajesh Jain, founder @N...

My chat with Rajesh Jain, entrepreneur behind Netcore.
Heard of Kan Khajura Tesan? This highly successful mobile based entertainment channel, with +37Million users, delivered over a mobile call in media dark states?Well Netcore was the technology platform behind this..."The key insight was to make the call toll free for the consumer, who initiates via a missed call, and they listen to jokes.

They also built the BJP membership database via tech- BJP had 170 million people that voted for them in the elections , and the relationship needed to be sustained because there were always local, state or national elections… They chose the mobile as the identifier, a membership number, linked to the mobile number… A huge % of people sent the response back as a “missed call”.

I estimate 600 million smartphones in india by 2020, nominal incomes will be 2X- a different world. One smart phone in every household… And I also see a great future for Martech- the role of technology in Marketing.

Rajesh is a well-known figure in the technology industry and is an invited speaker at national and international forums. He has also been featured in cover stories in both TIME and Newsweek.