Saturday, 24 October 2015

Hakuhodo Storytelling and the Brand

My chat with  Kazuaki and Takahiro from Hakuhodo Kettle (one of the best known Creative agencies from Japan)

"Historically, we have been told the brand is the hero, and the consumer sort of accepted. Today, the consumer is the hero, thats the flip thats happened."

In today’s story the consumer is the hero, the Batman, and the brand is the sidekick, Robin.  When Batman is in trouble, needing help, Robin will jump in to help - thats the relationship between the consumer and the brand.


Sunday, 18 October 2015

Joshua Black Content Head GroupM

My video with Joshua black, content head, Group M- "You just can’t reach a mass audience anymore with a 30 second spot or a TV commercial".
He talks about Interruption based advertising vs content/engagement based marketing- and how Content is judged by how many times it runs for a second season.  
Great content has multiple revenue streams- transactions (1 piece of content), subscriptions, Ad funded model. And most of these guys have production, so native advertising, etc… Youtube revenue stream, syndicate to other platforms, to TV, to cable. For instance:
  1. A production partner in China- Dating show, one guy, one gal, they go on a trip. Most people would have gone, lets call samsonite. But these guys created their own brand, sold on Tmol (one of the amazons of china) and sold millions of $ of luggage...
  2. Everyone wants to be the next Bethany Moda. if she walked down the streets of  Mumbai, she would be more recognised than a mainstream hollywood star today- and infact, 30-40% of their global revenue out of her fashion line. 
GroupM , india's largest media buying agency, has three types of content businesses
  1. focuses on integrated content solutions for brands- such as Unilever, P&G, CocaCola, Colgate… the bring the content of short form, programming solution etc…they operate in 16 markets across agencies in Asia, 4 agencies, 10 year
  2. The second content businesses are investment and properties and bringing them into Asia- working with rights holders in sports and entertainment, bringing them into Asia. (e.g. Chelsea, Katy Perry, Man City etc)  
  3. The third business is Group M entertainment- where they invest in production of licensed original content across markets, platforms, technologies.


Sunday, 11 October 2015

Tom Goodwin, Havas , Strategy

Tom Goodwin, head of Strategy, Havas media, On Advertising. Havas is the  smallest of the very large holding companies - they do 18 Bn $ of ad spend.

The degree to which digital will take over cannot be over stated.  Mobile vs TV is irrelevant in a world thats fully digital. Advertising will be centered much more around context rather than channels. The canvas of advertising will be more exciting.  Location, search history, share are going 

We will be buying attention and moments  of time , or personalised rich data ads, as compared to legacy CPM. 1000 impressions from a luxury magazine that people may cherish is very different from 1000 impressions on a mobile banner ad the consumer is  trying to close down.

All plants on earth grow towards the sun, so too all apps on our mobile phone are growing towards being a place to put video ads. Newer options like People paying with personal data, micro payments could be very interesting as an alternative to advertising $

On Programmatic: We are  facing a philosophical challenge between Data and automation vs creativity and gut feel. It will be interesting to see how the battle will be won. IT creates change that they can adapt to.

The biggest problem that brands have is that they are not meaningful. 78% of the brands would never be missed if they vanished.


Saturday, 3 October 2015

Adam Ostrow, Mashable, Digital Tech and Journalism

Mashable was built on chronicling the digital revolution. Mashable has +20M people following them and focus on the digital culture- and how tech interfaces in every aspect of personal and professional web. They use tech to figure out trends- for instance Velocity, their analytics tool crawls 200M sites on the web and figures out what’s going to trend? Whatsapp, wechat, Line are platforms that are big in India that don’t have much of a presence in the US.

Adam Ostrow, the Chief Strategy Officer at Mashable, joined as the 2nd employee in 2007, a role in which he directed day-to-day news coverage, authored +2,500 articles.  Adam currently leads the development of Mashable's video program, publisher platform, branded content offerings, international expansion, and its licensing and distribution strategy. 

Adam has been frequently quoted by numerous major media outlets, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, AdAge, The Washington Post and USA Today, among many others. Adam is also a highly sought after speaker and has made presentations at TED Global, Cannes Lions, CES, SXSW Interactive, Advertising Week, Digitas NewFront and Guardian Changing Advertising Summit. He's also spoken at events for corporations including Coca Cola, Disney, Verizon, American Express, Nike, Gillette, McGraw Hill, Yahoo, PepsiCo, Hewlett Packard and BMW. 
Adam Ostrow: