Sunday, 28 June 2015

Outbrain- Gulshan Verma from Israel's Outbrain on Analytics led content

My video with Gulshan Varma, India head of Outbrain.

What should you read next? That’s the question that Israeli company Outbrain has solved through big data crunching and analytics- and the results speak- every month, they give 190 Billion recommendations to 0.5 Billion people. 
How? The data about the page, the user profile, the categories they’ve looked at, the metadata, structure, tags, network  and what’s trending , is it the first/third or fifth pic of content they are reading etc are crunched- almost 100K attributes digested every second. And the results?- easily increasing publisher views by 30-40%...
Founded by Israeli serial entrepreneur, Yaron Galai, they believe building trust is important, they reject 30% of the paid content that comes to them- based on a set of guidelines - the first one being is it content? In India, the paid recommendations have increased over time, because of the trust.


Saturday, 27 June 2015

Brijraj Vaghani & Manish Traffline +Ridlr MapsAPP

My video with Brij and Manish, who created Traffline & Ridlr. An interesting  David vs Goliath story… -a maps/traffic app for private transport in 11 cities. and for public transport (available in 8 cities)  Their USPs Vs google? More localised, information is upto date- bus routes change it will reflect tomorrow.

Classic Indian problem- unstructured data given in hardcopy vernacular languages- and the nightmare of coordinating with various public transport depts in every city- bus, metro, central, harbour, nmmt

How do they get traffic data vs Google’s android? They have tie-ups with fleets that give them realtime GPS support to report traffic- information is more reliable and the consumer battery is not drained.Eg if your GPS is on for a session, app consumes 40% more data- we will never figure in your phone’s battery usage.


Friday, 26 June 2015

India vs Silicon Valley- Digital- with Jason Del Rey from Recode

Top trends in the Silicon Valley, applied to the Indian Digital Ecosystem- with Jason DelRey of Re/code

Re/code’s Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg are amongst the earliest to cover the internet, and hence Recode has become a big influence of the digital and tech world.

In this video, Jason Del Rey, one of the key reporters in the Silicon Valley talks about the trends  in the US as well as his opinions on the Indian Digital Tech scene… a good “trends” conversation.


Sunday, 21 June 2015

Wi-Fi will Dominate the Mobile Centric World- Dr.Srikanth, NanoCell Networks

Every smartphone has Wi-Fi, and WiFi has 1Ghz of spectrum, but still why isn’t Wi-Fi  ubiquitous? Learn more in my video with Dr.Srikanth.

Dr. Srikanth, is the chief knowledge officer of NanoCell Networks whose impressive resume puts him into the “guru” cadre immediately.

Wifi is core to the experience in a mobile centric world, as it governs internet speeds across 80% of the data consumption. We explore security, voice support, bandwidth available of the Wi-Fi ecosystem… 

One key reason why Wi-Fi is so important- Wi-Fi has about 1 Ghz available of spectrum, as compared to radio/cellular spectrum which has between 5 and 40 Mhz available to each operator… 


MikiKolko , Perion, Analytics, Mobile Marketing, Israel

My video with Miki, the CTO of Perion, an analytics led, Nasdaq listed (PERI), digital marketing Israeli company that is trail blazing in the world of app monetisation, software downloads and general AdTech.


Sunday, 14 June 2015

Optimising the Telecom network: Drive Test Simulation-Robinson, Anite

How do you optimise a mobile network, with +50,000 towers across millions of square miles, with buildings, trees, walls, and other towers that will create interference ?

Well, the traditional  Telcom networks were optimised thro drive tests- essentially vehicles running on the road measuring network strength and hence optimising the tower antennae…  These cost millions of dollars and take a lot of time/ resources. 

Anite, a British entity,  has come up with a simulation based analysis of drive tests and in building simulation, essentially shaving off millions of $ from  drive tests , supplementing it. 


WinkApp founder, Itai Arad from Israel -Entrepreneur,Technology , Innovation

My video with Itai Arad, Tech Entrepreneur from Israel and founder of WinkApp. Simply put, if you seen an interesting article in a paper magazine or a newspaper, you click on a link (predefined by the content owner), and learn more about the article- putting a virtual wrapper around a physical piece of content- a page, a word or an image.

Fazed by lack of information on your small medicine strip description? Look at the medicine through your phone’s camera and find out more. Think how alive Notices, Advertisements, Signboards can become, and you get the picture.

And the best part? You don’t need to push for Wink App download for people to access these links… Their SDK can be integrated into your app itself… Great tech.

  1. Demo: 

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Backhaul and the Mobile Experience in India Mayank Joshi, Huawei

Ever wondered why the mobile network is so subject to vagaries, where your speed can vary from 1Mbps to 50 kbps in the same network within a few meters? Well, one of the key technologies that we need to understand is backhaul, the infrastructure the telecom towers use to ferry data to and from the core… explained a bit more about how the business case for telecom operator network works...

My video with Mayank Joshi of Huawei, where we discuss Backhaul and the technologies that pertain to backhaul, including Fibre, Microwave and the advancements in the tech that are relevant to the data explosion that will happen in India.


Monday, 8 June 2015

Connectivity is key to Cloud adoption- Nagappan Arunachalam

Building a cloud company (Newbay) in 2006, selling it to RIM (blackberry) in 2011 for $100Million is a very interesting shift  for a practicing Physician, Nagappan Arunachalam, who trained as a doctor and practiced for 7 years. He talks about Cloud , his shift to entrepreneurship and things besides...


Sunday, 7 June 2015

Israeli Serial Entrepreneur, KarinCabili , Dropit shopping

My video with Karin Cabili, entrepreneur from Israel, who has partnered with London’s Crown Estate, the landlord behind Regent Street to create a very innovative shopping experience for Londoners shopping...
Stores currently using the facility include Armani, Camper and Wolford with Hunter and Primark set to join the scheme shortly.
We also discuss Israel, a nation of ~8Million which has such a powerful startup ecosystem and why thats so


Tuesday, 2 June 2015

How do India’s mega-rich consume movies and music in their homes? Video with Bhavin Mehta AdNotam

Ever wondered how  the uber/ super rich of India consume entertainment? In this video with Bhavin Mehta, of Ad Notam, a Mumbai based sound/ home automation consultant who has done courses with THX and Dolby,  talks about what the megarich do to consume content and entertainment.

HE also talks about memorabilia, and the entire subculture of collectibles that the mega-rich of India keep in their “dens”.