Sunday, 1 November 2015

Kan Khajura Tesan innovative entertainment with Rajesh Jain, founder @N...

My chat with Rajesh Jain, entrepreneur behind Netcore.
Heard of Kan Khajura Tesan? This highly successful mobile based entertainment channel, with +37Million users, delivered over a mobile call in media dark states?Well Netcore was the technology platform behind this..."The key insight was to make the call toll free for the consumer, who initiates via a missed call, and they listen to jokes.

They also built the BJP membership database via tech- BJP had 170 million people that voted for them in the elections , and the relationship needed to be sustained because there were always local, state or national elections… They chose the mobile as the identifier, a membership number, linked to the mobile number… A huge % of people sent the response back as a “missed call”.

I estimate 600 million smartphones in india by 2020, nominal incomes will be 2X- a different world. One smart phone in every household… And I also see a great future for Martech- the role of technology in Marketing.

Rajesh is a well-known figure in the technology industry and is an invited speaker at national and international forums. He has also been featured in cover stories in both TIME and Newsweek.


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