Sunday, 15 November 2015

Development is taking India by surprise-Prashant Singh, Nielsen India

My video with Prashant Singh, MD, Nielsen, India. Some of his insights:

Development’s taking india by surprise. SEC A&B are in continual growth D&E are consistently contracting.  E3 has disappeared from any urban town. The new consumer classification is dynamic and change is visible.

The smartphone consumer is a YUM audience- young, urban and male who spend 3/4 of their 2.5 hrs of daily smartphone time in everything else beyond communicating.

The mobile primetime is from 10-midnight, after the TV primetime ends."

Only 15-17% of smartphone consumers use VOD. We tend to under estimate the exponential curve, video will be one of those that will grow exponentially...

Linear TV will keep dropping and smarter, OTT will keep evolving...

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