Sunday, 18 October 2015

Joshua Black Content Head GroupM

My video with Joshua black, content head, Group M- "You just can’t reach a mass audience anymore with a 30 second spot or a TV commercial".
He talks about Interruption based advertising vs content/engagement based marketing- and how Content is judged by how many times it runs for a second season.  
Great content has multiple revenue streams- transactions (1 piece of content), subscriptions, Ad funded model. And most of these guys have production, so native advertising, etc… Youtube revenue stream, syndicate to other platforms, to TV, to cable. For instance:
  1. A production partner in China- Dating show, one guy, one gal, they go on a trip. Most people would have gone, lets call samsonite. But these guys created their own brand, sold on Tmol (one of the amazons of china) and sold millions of $ of luggage...
  2. Everyone wants to be the next Bethany Moda. if she walked down the streets of  Mumbai, she would be more recognised than a mainstream hollywood star today- and infact, 30-40% of their global revenue out of her fashion line. 
GroupM , india's largest media buying agency, has three types of content businesses
  1. focuses on integrated content solutions for brands- such as Unilever, P&G, CocaCola, Colgate… the bring the content of short form, programming solution etc…they operate in 16 markets across agencies in Asia, 4 agencies, 10 year
  2. The second content businesses are investment and properties and bringing them into Asia- working with rights holders in sports and entertainment, bringing them into Asia. (e.g. Chelsea, Katy Perry, Man City etc)  
  3. The third business is Group M entertainment- where they invest in production of licensed original content across markets, platforms, technologies.


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