Sunday, 24 May 2015

The stars of the next generation

When I participated in  Youtube Fanfest  (March 20th- thanks Google), one of the overwhelming takeaways I had was the incredible list of new stars, who were doing things that, in the traditional, top down publishing world would never have worked.
These folks are getting billions of views, and are celebrities at a different level? When you hear the screaming fans, the adulation these stars receive, you get a sense of whats happening, and how things are changing so fast, and so much, that its a tough task to keep up…

Some of these new rockstars in the video are (and by no means exhaustive)
  1. Superwoman Original name, Lilly Singh, about 25 yrs old,  based in Canada, has +5 Million subs, and ihas a crazy fan following in India- Channel:
  2. Bethany Mota - she has +8 M followers, is all of 19 years old, and is a fashion influencer of gigantic proportions. her channel is
  3. KananGill- an incredibly articulate youngster who gave up a tech career to do gabbing…
  4. JusReign- a Canada based “punjabi” comedian, who is just raking in the adulation...
  5. EastIndiaComedy - there is this entire genre of comedy  who are all getting into interesting topical stuff that they parody around.
  6. TheViralFever (Arunabh) one of their masterpieces is the “Shahrukh interview with Arunabh” an absolute don’t miss -
  7. AllIndiaBakchod- the most famous of them, thanks to the roasts that became so infamous- their channel is on
  8. Vahchef- a new category of youtube stars, focused on food

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