Saturday, 9 May 2015

Pankaj of Bertelsmann- RTLMedia, FremantleMedia, Stylehaul, BroadbandTV etc

My video with Pankaj of Bertelsmann, who are scripting the future of video production and consumption with their ownership of traditional (RTL, Europes most profitable TV entity), and their MASSIVE digital footprint  (FremantleMedia - who own Idol, GotTalent, Apprentice) , Styelhaul, world’s #1 women centric MCN, BroadbandTV (World’s #4MCN) etc…)

TV is just one channel to consume video which will be consumed in multiple formats through multiple channels by multiple devices. Thats the future of video. 
They run the most profitable TV broadcaster , RTL in Europe, They have also acquired new age broadcast systems  to aggregate, curate, put tech on top and push this out. In the past 2.5 years, they have the following to name a few:
  1. FremantleMedia, (who own the franchises of  X-Factor, Idol , Got Talent, Apprentice to name a few and are a large MCN in their own right)
  2. RTL( Europes most profitable and leading TV channel company)
  3. Stylehaul , leading women centric MCN (+19B views, +224M subscribers, +5200 channels)
  4. BroadbandTV Tech MCN (12000 channels, +100M subs, +1B mthly views thro VISO & TGN) 
  5. Munchies food network
They are brilliantly positioned in the coming digital video world, with a large enough ecosystem, to ensure when it moves from one platform, youtube to multiple platforms.

Digital is key. First world markets like the US went from 1 tv household to 2nd tv and 3rd tv…however, India is a 1 tv household, if u , in a family of 5, want to watch your video or audio, you have to go online.  

India is a mass, high volume low price game, and if traditional media has been able to survive and make money, the online industry will as well. In the west, subscription prices were very high.  and content producers get similar moneys thro MGs to Netflix as they get from traditional media, depressing margins… In india, radio is free, fully ad funded, TV ARPUs are $4-5- already very low.  


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