Sunday, 17 May 2015

Ganesh Vasudevan, CEO,

My video with Ganesh of Indiaproperty. Amidst the’s Rahul Yadav shenanigans, i want to draw attention to the business model of property websites. and point out to how “physical/ human capital” led digital companies are. The digital part has to be complemented with plenty of feet on street. Consumers discover digitally, but are serviced thro a people chain, which includes assisted search, validation of properties, information gathering and dissemination, legal vetting etc…

This is, by the way, true for most “digital” plays- including Flipkart (supplychain, logistics and helpdesks are their main people counts), Zomato (a feet on street model that checks out every restaurant, bringing back menus and photos), 

Coming back to IndiaProperty, whilst tech is the essential backbone of the discovery, and they use all of the tech-Machine learning, intelligent recommendation engine, a learning algorithms, augmented reality etc. Their repeat traffic is 65-70%.

They have to create trust in a low trust ecosystem- such as verifying seller, property details- they Take 2 d plans and recreate their own 3D visualisations, which show them the difference between the promise and reality. They also collect legal documents and verify all approvals etc… On top, they have a unique insurance product- example mfg defect, calamities etc are covered for.


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