Saturday, 25 April 2015

SamirBangara from Qyuki on the Future of Video (ARRahman +Shekhar Kapur)

This is the 2nd Video in my chat with Samir Bangara of Qyuki where we explore the future of Video for the first one, click here

 What is the future of Video? Listen to Samir, the CEO of Qyuki talk about the future of video in this Part 2 video.
Internet will be synonymous with video. Everything will convert to video. intelligent software will convert tech to video, you could consumer wikipedia in video by choice, that and the non p2p traffic on the net 60% is already video.  India holds a few aces. The interest in consumption of content and entertainment is highest in the world, monetisation not wit sanding. Coupled with a youth economy, network upgradation and the smartphonisation of the nation is going to change the video paradigm. 125K daily mobile internet connections…  over time we may not be as accepting, but today, ts ok even if its non hd, even if it buffers today


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