Sunday, 26 April 2015

Money is not a problem anymore in India- My video with Seed incubator, T...

Switched from being an entrepreneur (, Japan’s largest e-commerce conglomerate)  to being an incubator and a seed accelerator (Open Network Lab). Here he talks about how the entrepreneurial ecosystems  in Japan, India and China. In India, they have funded Shopclues and CitrusPay (the chaps that run the mobile wallet on Meru cabs) Some of the extracts:
  1. As things get more mobile, and data connections improve, for instance Japan, everyone connects thro’ 4G, but in some countries, everyone connects through wifi
  2. He talks about the leapfrog of e-commerce in the emerging markets. Take japan, everything is super developed, so  everything is available everywhere,  unlike in India where e-commerce will leapfrog the traditional markets.
He signs off with “Money is not a problem anymore in  India” as India  is getting a lot of attention from funders across the world, and a lot of indian funds are being backed by LPs outside of India.


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