Sunday, 19 April 2015

MCNs explained by Samir Bangara, Qyuki (ARRahman &Shekhar Kapur)

Why have Shekhar Kapoor and AR Rahman invested in Qyuki? What is an MCN (Multi Channel Network)- explained in detail by Samir Bangara , one of the most articulate people i know in the connected media world…. with a history of leading Disney/ UTV content creators, Samir had an exit nnd

Each creator is a channel, and we get together a big library of creators together to form an MCN- the leaders in the space are Full Screen and Maker studio and Vevo, who between them generate 20Billion views mostly, and this is a huge chunk of the monetised views on Youtube.

The west is dominantly youtube. but india /emerging markets are different. Whilst Youtube will be the elephant in the room, other platforms will continue to exist.
The video stack has Creators, content, distribution and monetisation.
For studios, creators are a commodities. the MCNs crash content production costs, create tech at scale to serve the masses, and monetise in multiple ways...

 The big problem is discoverability, in an age where everyone is creating content i the hope of being discovered. Big media houses throw money to spread the video. The new paradigm is using the power of Tech and the network to the creator, which is what MCNs do… Discoverability becomes 2X to 10X. 

Production values have no bearing on the reach and popularity of your content anymore. As you are scaling, can we now look at the early analytics, and give bespoke custom attention to those people.


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