Saturday, 4 April 2015

Dhruv Chopra- Carwale -“Smaller towns in India and Mobile are fuelling tremendous growth"

My chat with Dhruv Chopra, Marketing and Sales head of He shares some fabulous insights on whats happening in the Indian Car market...
  1. By 2014, your Tata Indica was packing more features than the big luxury brands such as BMW, Audi in 2011..Thats how fast the market is evolving.
  2. The move towards small towns is startling. 3 years ago, delhi and Mumbai was half of our site traffic. Today, less than 30% of our traffic is from Delhi+Mumbai+Bangalore. The long tail of small towns has expanded exponentially. Every week , based on user requests, we are adding new towns to our list of 3000 towns. Mobile is driving this completely for us.
  3. Behaviour on Desktop vs mobile:- Desktop is about research, content consumption, Mobile is more task based.  As your set closes towards to point of purchase, the consumers increasingly use mobiles.When people migrate to mobile app, they rarely come back to the desktop.
  4. Our site is a forward indicator of sales numbers. People buy after 2-3 months of search. What they are searching for today will result in sales 2 months from now.
  5. Luxury brands. "The Volvo V40 cross car was an outstanding success- has 3-4 month wait periods". He talks about how luxury brands are growing, Jaguar, Land Rover, Audi, BMW, Mercedes... 
  6. We tend to think this market is all about fuel efficiency. That’s true for the Rs, 5-6 L cars. After Rs 8-9 lacs, fuel efficiency drops,  at the 30 Lac price point, fuel efficiency is 5th or 6th in priority list. Maruti has a huge range in a tight price segment. 

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