Sunday, 5 April 2015

Debashish, Zee Digital: What makes a Great OTT Product?

Debashish heads all things digital at Zee, which through its, has a base of ~28 Million users built in the last 24 months with properties such as,,,… We look at OTT (over the top)  products and what it takes for the OTT to be successful.

Take video platforms- by definition, a platform has to have a lot of content. Which means, even if they are producers of content, the platform would have a lot more than their own content. So how do they create stickiness? The answer lies in the mix of product proposition  and technology. Can they reduce buffering lag, regardless of the connection spottiness.  Can they make recommendations that nail the consumer preference, based on the kind of videos they watch? Can we make the discoverability fast? How do they get to their videos at the shortest possible time. .A strong product proposition, with a complexity simplifying technology platform , with great content is key.

Whats the future? The big shift that’s coming up is the spawning of new, organic content  through building up the ecosystem. Whilst  professionally produced content ( e.g. Bollywood/Hollywood)  still holds sway, new organic content producers are coming up who have huge followings. How can they be supported and expanded will hold key.  Witness the buying of ,who are creating more and more youtube stars, by Dreamworks animation.


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