Saturday, 21 March 2015

Youtube- Insights from Rockstars- Superwoman, Bethany Mota and AllIndiaBakchod

Some insights from Youtube rockstars who have made it big. 
  1. Some insights from Youtube rockstars who have made it big. 
    1. Bethany Mota (8Million subs)
      1. she has 8 million friends ( she calls them friends, not subscribers)
      2. when i meet them in person, it feels like i already know them you really get to know them before 
      3. you already know what your audience wants, you need to continue to take that risk might seem a little crazy, but can go extremely well.
      4. Equipment: my first video did not have professional equipment- a bunch of books was my tripod, my old camcorder was my video, the window was my light source… now i use tripod, lights and better quality camera.
      5. She was cyber bullied which got her into looking at the content and got her engaged
    2. Lillysingh @iisuperwomanii (5 Million Subs)
      1. 2010 was the first video -fell in love with saying what i want , how i wanted to say it. Youtube is like an outlet, a self medicating way. 
      2. 5 years later, 5 million subscribers. Everything has been a super learning process, trial and error. Very rarely a right or wrong answer
      3. She is a prolific content creator- 2 videos a week, v-log every day, Vine, twitter, snapchat, the works...
      4. I try my best innovative- do a live stream every single month - around 14th/15th.  persons birthday, can u send them a video.
      5. Equipment- first start- macbook webcam, cheapest lam i could find (light showed up as 7 different colours on my face)- my channel is more about content, its not the production. Ive never used a mic in any of my videos.
      6. Youtube is the centre of the funnel- other social media is used to funnel views into youtube.Youtube audiences fear change a bit- be careful with what you experiment.
      7. makign videos that get lots of views- a balance of videos I want to make and look at what people are searching for (eg search trending on twitter) 
    3. AllIndiaBakchod- Tanmay and Khamba- (+1 Million subs)
      1. Started doing standup comedy. someone convinced them that tube was a good idea.
      2. TarlaDalal cooking crystalMeth - was their fisrst video, which tanked, one video did well.
      3. 18 months later, they have gone viral-
      4. see the traffic surge after 10 pm.
      5. bid to keep creating and doing something new. feedback immediately from the audience
      6. Indian content creator- we wanted to set a benchmark- the guys who manage us had a productions studio. the key for us was the quality that needs to be as good as film and TV- cast, shoot, etc...
      7. we were at yashraj and did not do a brilliant job- Just because its on the internet does not mean it should be poor quality.
      8. Our last video- we had a drone, with the guys that did weddings.. nobody cares about the shoot, everyone looks 
      9. every post has to blow peoples minds

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