Sunday, 29 March 2015

Why did Disney buy Maker Studios for $1B? My Video with Gautam Talwar

Why would Disney, a content creator, buy Maker Studios, an MCN that aggregates youtube content for a Billion dollars? Try this- Maker Studios has +9Billion views and boasts of a star roster including rockstars such as pewdiepie...
What’s an MCN? What a broadcaster network is to show producers, a Multi Channel Network is to YouTube channels and youtube. They are the programmer/ curator that sit between these channels and the distribution platforms.Their role is to help organise,commercialise, monetise variety of youtube channels. Requires tech to grow viewership base and a strong sales base. The MultiChannelNetwork is a modern day version of the cable network, except that they live entirely online on the internet.

How do they categorise content? At Maker, they have 23 big niche areas under 4 categories
  1. Gaming & Sports (where pewdiepie is)
  2. Lifestyle (fashion, beauty)
  3. Family (kids, pet videos) and
  4. Entertainment (music, movies, comedy) 


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