Saturday, 7 March 2015

India's changed-All my HBS classmates are now back in India” -Vibha, founder, ReachIvy

  1. Vibha is the Founder and CEO of @ReachIvy-  an ivy leaguer herself with a #Harvard MBA, Carnegie Mellon graduation.
  2. Reach ivy is an admissions consulting firm that helps students reach the top tier schools across the world. Their value proposition? "People have talent to get into schools, but they need guidance on what it takes to get through, because there isn’t a single metric that will ensure that-yes grades are very important, but a lot more needs to go in.We help."
  3. They have scaled from a Nariman-point small boutique, we are now a virtual/ cloud based and digital, setup, today- have students from France, US, Dubai, Bahrain, and all parts of india.
  4. On what’s happening in India:
    1. There is a generational shift in india today- with the advent of tech and telecom, India gives opportunity to youngsters, today, the attitude is that people want to come back to india after their degrees abroad, unlike in the previous generations.
    2. Parents are still pushing students to do Engineering, but the students there is a drive towards liberal arts, humanities, filmmaking etc

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