Sunday, 8 March 2015

Going Digital with AshishPatil, Yashraj Films

When a guy introduces himself as a "Creative Suit. Run excel on a mac”, you know you are onto a treat…Ashish, the Creative and Business head of Yashraj Films, Bollywood's #1 Production house in this video- an action packed, must see!

  1. Yfilms- 2 yrs , 3 films old. talks about his new project- Bankchor, with Vivek Oberoi
  2. Some of the cool brand work they are doing in the digital space with their artistes, example : Ranveer singh with #Dotherex (+3.5M views, brand: Durex), or #mynameisranveerching (+1.5M views, brand : Chings)- where they have gone way beyond just typical photoshoots with their artistes...
  3. On Creating a content factory to produce a lot of content based on consumers creating it Explains with the MTV example of the stencil of M…  "Everyday on the MTV channel, the logo bug would switch to the one designed by our consumer/influencer"
  4. he talks about  the genesis of Kan Khajura Tesan with the Salman Khan , “Ek Tha Tiger” Unilever Wheel promo how digital is penetrating media dark states (leapfrog even TV and print)

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