Sunday, 1 March 2015

Gabor Veszig, Prezi- Building a globally successful product out of Hungary

Gabor from Prezi, whose promise is to make you a better presenter- they have 50Million users, growing fast. This video is about how Prezi became a really successful product coming out of Hungary.
The big idea behind Prezi
  1. As humans, we are much better with spatial memory than with reading text. Prezi uses this insight to create a tool that enables people to share ideas in a better way- yes, they are in the same space as Keynote and Powerpoint.
  2. they have 50Million users
How they use Agile to do product development
  1. How do we create software thats easy for everyone to use? For instance, what software that allows people to put info in space?usually, these are the 3 d modelling software that are very complex to use. how do we simplify?
  2. They believe in small iteration cycles, develop, push to users, understand behaviour/ get feedback and iterate
  3. "We can have 24 hr deployment cycles-an idea in the morning, deployed by the evening"
  4. Agile means- Creating as many opportunities to change your product as possible
Ecosystem inHungary vs India
  1. Easier to build products for the global market sitting in a smaller country, because there is no big internal market tempting them. From day 1 they had to have global impact- easier in a small market because one has to go global.
  2. When they do things, they never do for just Hungary- the whole of Hungary is 10M people, you have 20M in Mumbai alone, 
  3. Its also easier to hire good talent in smaller companies


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