Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Chirag Kulkarni-The personal brand as a source of Lead Generation

Some of his quotes:
  1. Lots of startups are still marketing in the 19th century. Many businesses aren’t social, and taking advantage of the fact that social is completely free.
  2. i went from 100-38K followers this year. Business is more and more about content , and quality of content. i use hootsuite and buffer. use social.
  3.  at I  write a lot of high quality content and give away a lot of secrets. the more u give value away the more people will get.
  4. focus on following people and interacting with brands- for instance, i follow BCG, Mckinsey. 
  5. "I am my own brand.To be paid the most, you need to drive the most revenue in your company” The more value can be delivered, the more the personal brand grows.

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