Saturday, 28 February 2015

The Age of Marketing Tech (#MarTech)- Benedict @Iprospect

As Digital surpasses other media spends, Martech spends start to shoot up- and that drives performance marketing- my insightful chat with Benedict from Iprospect.

"In the UK digital surpassed TV as the dominant spend 6-7 years ago, and after that, investment into technology that underpins the digital performance became a no brainer- that leap of faith is starting to happen in India"

It does’t make sense to do fixed ad buys anymore. thats the power of programmatic. With programmatic, the cost per lead increases, but the efficacies are way better.

A very clearheaded conversation, this video stands out to me for the clarity with which Benedict defines performance,and how today’s tech is defining performance all with specific examples. A must hear.

We cover a range of things- attribution, performance for revenue vs performance for brand
Programmatic buying and how it changes the entire operating landscape, including how creative development needs to change keeping the dynamic environment in mind.

He also talks about attribution and how analytics and data management are driving it. he defines the “biggest step into unknown for the brand”.


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