Sunday, 22 February 2015

Performance Marketing with Parul Bhargava, Vcommission

 My video with Parul Bhargava née Mehta a passionate Internet marketer from India who started with the affiliate marketing industry and went on to lead vCommission, India’s first International Affiliate Network with Exclusive CPA offers! Established in 2008, their 12,500 affiliates deliver performance to brands.
  1. "You don’t have to pay for visibility until you get ROI- thats Performance marketing. Whats The big deal behind it? It ensures that ROIs are obtainable with Lower LTV customers as well, opening up a whole swathe of segments to target/ works for smaller businesses with lower budgets"
  2. "Our industry right now works on last click attribution- which is why coupon sites are growing, because no matter how convinced you are about what you want to buy, you are still going to look for an offer/discount before you buy it"
  3.   She has studied publisher promotion methods, and focuses on innovative affiliate marketing methods. With a technical background, she now leads the affiliate network with her technical knowledge ensuring pioneering initiatives in tracking technology

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