Friday, 20 February 2015

Nikhil TripAdvisor

  1. An early adopter of user generated content, TripAdvisor is the most influential travel advisory portal in the world, with +360 Million users across the world. A great example of how truly digital companies think and do things..
  2. One of the most trusted travel brands, the place for the best travel content on the web, one of the top 15 trends that have changed/ shaped travel business (eg cheap airlines, etc) the smart hoteliers caught on first, because it is a fantastic free marketing site- and today, you have to engage with tripadvisor, as travelers dont book without looking.
  3. How Trip advisor is different is that it has all the great content - hotels, photos etc.. on the same page, there are live prices from all the hotel booking sites (Eg etc) moment you click on the price, the partner pays them for the click.
  4. Of their $1B of revenues, 75% came from pay-per-click. Another 13% of come from business listings- the hotels get an opportunity to directly get a lead from their review page- and they pay a flat annual fee. The rest is banner/ display advertising.
  5. Tech plays a big role in the product and service development:
  6. Meta is one of the pivots they did- earlier, u had the logo u could click on to go to the partner site for pricing. Now all pricing is dynamically shown on the website itself.
  7. The next pivot, currently underway, is about changing the clunky mobile experience, through instant booking, where u can complete a transaction from inside the mobile app.The “book” on tripadvisor gets fulfilled by the partner that has won the bid, realtime.
  8. A new feature, called “Just for you”, takes into account what i want and what i have chosen in the past to only show the kind of stuff that I like.
  9. To stimulate ugc reviews, they have done various ideas- for instance , something they did only in India first- Multipoints- where they tie-up with airline partners, reach out to frequently traveling people, incentivised them with air miles and now that program has gone global with massive programs in Brazil.
  10. Their review express product, hotels adopt on their own, Accor, best western already request their customers to leave reviews on trip advisor.


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