Saturday, 14 February 2015

“Next 10-15 years of India belong to the Travel industry ”-Hari Nair, ho...

  • HolidayIQ has a lot of content, and a 6.5 Million community that comes here to consume this content. “We are a media business. Media is about consuming good content. You have the UGC reviews of Tripadvisor, and you have the satirical take of a Buzz-feed. We aim to bring all of these together and marry this to an existing community. There isn't an example of this kind of a travel media proposition elsewhere, all based on real consumer feedback”
  • Buyers are over educated today- so you have to create a story, sell it to them and they will come, but it cannot be a narrated experience, but has to come out through conversations. The next 10-15 years in India will be the world of tourism, which will become a grass-root change agent. Only 60 of the 600 districts in India are leisure travel destinations. We have 90% of the country left and that is going to change things.
  • Content is an ever evolving thing. Once, knowing whether hotel had wifi was relevant, next came reviews- whether the wifi was good is more important. Today a lot of the content we have is structured (70-80%) which include reviews etc, but the opportunity is in unstructured, curated user generated content- the conversations.
  • What we are seeing now is the next wave- what is the nature of conversation around this destination. To me this is the essence of the mobile paradigm, a reflection of the “now” / conversation paradigm, that meaningfully bring out what the brand stands for.
  • An example was how we  did a tour with our hotel experts of Taj West-end, Bangalore, and got them to talk about stuff in the hotel which the guests couldn't obviously see.

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