Monday, 9 February 2015

"From Rajnikanth to Ganesha" Video with Ryan Germick, Google's Doodler-in-Chief

Ryan Germick leads the Doodle team at Google, responsible for the refreshing new manifestation of the logo of Google everytime it changes. He has +2,000 illustrations, animations, and interactive experiences on Google home pages around the world.
He co-designed the Street View Pegman and Gmail's emoticons, and was the driving creative force behind the Pac-Man,Sesame Street, Charlie Chaplin, Les Paul, Robert Moog, Star Trek, and 2012 London Olympics doodles among many dozen others. We discuss how Ryan sees the creative and the tech worlds merge... Ryan loves the Mobile mindshift, Rajnikanth (Yes,Thalaiva himself!) and Indian Gods and Mythology....


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