Sunday, 15 February 2015

"An app for Booking restaurant tables"- Dine-out's Sahil

My video with Sahil Jain, co founder of Dineout, a restaurant table booking startup that 30L people use every month to book tables in 1000 restaurants in 6 cities. on startups, being acquired, and growth…

When we started in 2012, everyone said “India mein table kaun book karta hai?” there has been a huge mindset change in the last 2 years- be it taxis, hotels, airlines etc. Dining out is the 2nd most important thing after movies. And the mobile-first approach has exploded for us- started with 5% going onto 40% now, estimated to be 70% by year end.

1000 restaurants, 6 cities. 30K diners monthly ->150K diners. Includes premium restaurants such as Olive bar/ Claridges etc

The key is Consumer convenience- the customer can book a table and save money on deals on the restaurant+ recommendations on places

They have FoS sales team+ online registration for the restaurants

They were acquired by Times internet a year ago at a reported valuation of $10M. Leveraging the TimesInternet b2b clout to acquire restaurants, and b2c to reach out to consumers

Traffic: 40% coming through app, also have a 10 member call center (25%) - typically larger group bookings want human confirmations, 20% thro mobile web, 15% thro' online.


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