Thursday, 1 January 2015

"Creating Typeface and Fonts for Indian languages" SarangKulkarni

What does it take to create fonts for Indian languages? my chat with Sarang Kulkarni, who supplies google with all the typefaces of indian languages.

In todays mobile/digital/screen led world, the user interface on the screen is the all important defining criterion for what gets popular and what doesnt. The language typeface is at the core of this- i explore how, as the internet reaches out to the billion indians, other languages beyond english will matter more, and how typefaces are being created for those languages?

An alumnus of Sir J. J. Institute of Applied arts, Sarang specializes in type design and calligraphy. In 2005, he founded ‘WhiteCrow’ – a type foundry and design studio based in Mumbai. With key clients such as Vodafone India, Virgin Mobile India, Star India, and Coca Cola India, White Crow has steadily found its niche in multi-lingual branding, designing custom typefaces across Indian scripts and calligraphy. Sarang is also a part of ‘Aksharaya’, a group of Letter conscious people who channelise their collective efforts to document, promote, explore and create awareness about Indian scripts.

Ek Type is a collaborative type foundry based in India that specializes in developing fonts across Indian languages, many of which will be multi-script.


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