Wednesday, 14 January 2015

"Buy Media by targeting audiences, not Placements" says Tushar Vyas, GroupM

Tushar is a managing partner for the digital media business of GroupM, India's largest media buying company (30-40% of all media spends). Tushar has been a speaker at various online, mobile digital media summits in the past. In this conversation-he shares his take, based on his being in the thick of things on the following:
  • The Digital advertising Landscape?
  • How long should we expect mobile advertising to scale to a level whereit becomes significant, and are big FMCG brands taking to it?
  • Realtime bidding and Programmatic buying– how is it impacting theadvertising world? is it good or bad  for publishers? Is it good or bad for advertisers?
Some snippets: “Digital is about using Tech to get the right message at the right time to the consumer”
“Traditional media is placement driven- front page, ipl etc… though those exist in the digital
environment as well, they are sold as human to human transactions (egReservation buy in Google) -The new way to buy media is to chase audiences not placements- define audiences on context (eg search) or on past behavior (eg retargeting)…”


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