Sunday, 23 November 2014

Going Digital: How the bottom of the pyramid in India get online- video ...

My video with a very interesting entrepreneur, Paresh Rajde, who runs an assisted model for people who cannot transact online. "Earlier he used to go to railway station/ electricity board to pay bills, today he walks into one of my Suvidhaa centres..."

Even today, only 8% of population are online, 92 % cannot, and most transactions a cash, Without digital access and digital money how do we reach the technology benefit to the masses? Suvidhaa is one alternative.

Suvidhaa, in 7 years,  has a pan india, footprint of over 75,000 small retail touch points across 2800+ towns in India and services over 20 mn unique customers. It has 300 partners across 20 categories of services, from insurance to rail tickets.

Suvidhaa was ranked by Red Herring Inc., amongst Asia’s Top 100 Start-ups in 2009 & nominated for Global 200 Start-ups in 2010 and more recently, as per The Brand Trust Report – India Study 2013, Suvidhaa has been acknowledged & recognized as the “Most Trusted Retail Services Brand”.

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Law for the Design and Creative Folks: Kushagra Shah, IP Lawyer

Kushagra from Kundalia Associates is a Kolkata based lawyer who deals with law as it pertains to a designer, design studio and a creative individual...
Criminal law's aim is to try a person accused of a crime... whereas with intangible property, it is about helping them protect their property. Today's Digital world means that if someone copies somebody elses material, they are 1000 times more likely to be found out. Infact, there are business models built around just infringements of IP law...
He talks about how someone opened a lounge serving purported  Darjeeling tea- that the darjeeling tea folks opposed- this is in supreme court.

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Saturday, 22 November 2014

"Designing businesses is as creative as picking up a pen"-Mat Heinl, Mov...

My video with Mat Heinl, CEO of Moving Brands, a London hq'd creative/design agency :
Their client base spans a range- from A 200 year old Saville Row tailor -Norton and Sons, to global complex organisations like Swisscom or HP.
On mobile in India, he says-"The leapfrog in access, where you take a group of people with zero access and give them perhaps more access than people in the first world- thats interesting set of circumstances, that just overcomes legacy of we haven't done this before ... it will be like fire"
They designed Infosys experience centre, where they had to explain a wide range of services as an offer to the customer. They made it high tech, interactive form factor opportunity. We needed to work a lot on how we bring content to life- how do i translate strategy into something more engaging and human.

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Saturday, 15 November 2014

What exactly does a content strategist do? Video with Elizabeth McGuane

Elizabeth talks about how  a content strategist acts as a bridge between visual design and development, and explaining each side to the other... and how terms like Lean, Agile, Systems thinking  which are very software/ developer oriented are increasingly finding their way into the lexicon of the designer and the creative...

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"Brands need to see design as an investment, as everything is design in todays world"- Jonathan Ford, Pearlfisher

My video with Jonathan Ford founder, creative head of Pearlfisher... talking about what it means to be creative in today's world. " A great idea that can be expressed thro' sound, objects and graphics defines human culture". "we need to understand how clients see design -as an investment or as a cost"- they should know, given they have done a lot of work with cadburys dairy milk....

From his website: Never one to simply accept the status quo, Jonathan continually provokes and questions the world, inspiring Pearlfisher to create design that makes the future better. An award-winning designer and advocate of the power of creativity to inspire change, Jonathan has been responsible for creating some of the world’s most loved Challenger and Iconic brands, and for leading a successful series of #challengersandicons interviews with the people behind the brands of the future who understand the need to harness creativity and bold ideas to create success.

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