Sunday, 21 September 2014

Vishal Dalmia- ING Bank-Mobile First

Sorry about the poor lighting- the best i could find there at the spur of the moment...

What do u do with your banking app most often? Check your balance. Well, on the ING app, you dont even need to log in. This video is with Vishal Dalmia,has created consumer mobile app for IngBank- a mobile first app that stands out for its UX and great experience and has enabled ING to successfully compete with the really big boys of retail banking. In a short span of time, they are #4 in average ticket size of mobile transactions though they are not the #4 bank- they see a lift in the logins and customer interfaces.

"Other banks, on their mobile app,  focus on enabling traditional banking functions on a different device, we have tried to use the mobile to create entirely new use cases"

The app does certain things really well and the customer speaks about it.


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