Friday, 19 September 2014

Innovation and Design in creating great products : video with Todd Rovak, Farenheit212

My video with Todd Rovak, Managing Partner, Farenheit212, a 75 strong London and New York based product design and innovation company.

 "The transparent LCD that Samsung came up was very cool, but could not perhaps become a great TV. Thro' our process of finding a business win and a consumer win, we figured out that the most profitable aisle of the grocery store was the frozen foods section, which was also the worst consumer experience-frosty glass and nothing looked like food. IF we could use these LCDs there, as the transparent doors of the refrigerators- that would be a great consumer experience. We took this idea 5 months from idea to prototype, we were able to create a great product idea for retail businesses- a great example of dual-sided thinking."

"What i really like about India is that India has the ability to leapfrog existing systems, an amazing ecosystem and great talent."


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