Wednesday, 24 September 2014

"Mobile payments will takeoff when seamless cashout happens" Shashank Joshi, MoneyOnMobile

Seamless cash-out, which regulators are working towards now, is really crucial for mobile payments to take off. Once that happens, the masses will  adopt. My video with Shashank Joshi, Money on Mobile.

In 2010, when we started out it was about SMS based payments, Today, thanks to the smartphones, India is going digital- To move our audience from SMS to digital, we are first enabling payments via Whatsapp- which is a good via media between SMS and our own App.And whatsapp is catching up everywhere.

We also believe in multilingual indian language apps-  we cannot shove english down the masses throats- so we have it in 10 languages, including Bengali, Kannada, Telugu, Oriya, Hindi, Marathi Gujarati etc...

I spoke to the Mpesa founder Susie Lonie, and it emerges that MPesa succeeded where ever carrying cash was dangerous. So you give in your cash in Bandra, and pick it up in Borivili. Thats how it succeeded.

Game changer is through payments because we are changing the habit through payments.

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