Sunday, 23 March 2014

Dippak Khurana- CoFounder

My video with Dippak Khurana, of who as of Dec'13, served 280 MM mobile internet users across emerging markets - what he calls mobile first consumer markets. His aspiration is to be the #1 ad exchange across these markets.

"Low credit card and PC penetration means that mobile media and internet will leapfrog the traditional PC. He believes mobile will beat TV as the mass channel of engagement in the next 12-18 months.

As the CEO and Co-founder of – a Global Mobile Ad Network, Dippak plays a central role in today’s mobile ecosystem working with Telecom providers, Mobile Content companies, App Developers, Publishers and Advertisers. With 17 years of experience across Internet & Mobile, Dippak has been instrumental in making revolutionary introductions in the space, including
  1. launching India’s first Online Newspaper – The Times Of India in 1996
  2. India’s first Online Ad Network  -  Intercept Technologies in 1999
  3. India’s first SMS Shortcode in 2001 for Yahoo
  4. Pioneered internet portals for Telcos – in 2004
  5. World’s first One Click App Monetization platform – AppWrapper in 2010 and 
  6. World’s first Ad platform with Telco enabled audience targeting – AudiencePro in 2013
He has gained industry recognition as the Mobby’s ‘Mobile Media Professional of the Year’, and also features at #22 on the IMPACT Digital Power 100 list.

Dippak's Links: (linkedin) (facebook)


Jagdish said...

Great interview
Lots of background noise
How do they plan to tackle the language ,social and comprehension issues?
Mobile us the way to go

Jagdish said...

Great interview
Too much background noise
How do you plan linguistic and comprehension issues ?.

Rajeev Suri said...

Jagdish, thanks for the feedback...
the way i do my interviews, i dont do them in contrived locations, when i meet these folks i just grab them wherever... i try to amplify the voice ... even though i listen to every word of the final video on my headphones...

if you mean translation into vernacular/ transcription- not yet figured that one out... tried the youtube transcription service- a bit too off the reality for me,. any suggestions are welcome...