Friday, 7 March 2014

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I get great satisfaction when people come up to me and say, "We post an item at 10, and at 12, we have sold the item". is a top ranked website (Alexa  #22 in India and #299 globally)

My conversation with Amarjit Batra, the Country Manager for OLX India , the online classifieds website. Been with OLX since Dec 2008, currently based out of New Delhi. Olx is headquartered in Buenos Aires with an emphasis on emerging market.

Says he " we seriously solve a major problem for indians- on how to sell or buy used goods- for which the market never existed". He sees this as a mission , a laser focused priority which he passionately believes in.

Amarjit also expounds how his mobile-first view, started 5-6 years ago, gets him ~70% of his traffic on mobile, the highest  amongst e-commerce companies which are in the 30% range.

He goes onto say "Many of us are latent users, who would have never used a classifieds (in its old form of print classifieds) for selling our old mobile phone, or the text books that we do not need, or for that matter the collection of coins and stamps that we have outgrown. Free Classifieds sites like OLX is therefore bringing a new set of users like us who are not in the business of selling but are experiencing online commerce while disposing unwanted stuff from our homes."

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