Saturday, 27 April 2013

Muthu Nedumaran-Technology&Language

My video with Muthu Nedumaran- a language guru working on indo-chinese languages whose technologies have been adopted by Apple. We start speaking in Tamil from 7:35.

" For the english page, the cost of printing was 7 bucks, and for the Tamil page, it was 35 bucks- i wanted to change that" . The smartphone is a huge opportunity where i have licensed stuff to Apple and HTC. "In india you can sell a device with every language except indian language- unlike in Thailand or in China". UGC will change the landscape. Early days were focused on rendering the font, but today, people want intelligent input- predictive text, linguistic spelling analysis, etc.

Muthu Nedumaran has over 25 years of experience in developing technologies for the Tamil language.  He authored Murasu Anjal and Sellinam, the popular desktop and mobile application for Tamil input, rendering and content. His creations have been officially adopted by the education ministries in governments of Singapore and Malaysia. Muthu developed the fonts for Indian and Indo-Chinese languages that are included in the iPhone and the latest Macintosh operating system from Apple Inc. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Knowledge Channels Synergy Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia. Besides driving Technology and Product Marketing initiatives for large corporations like Sun Microsystems and Oracle Corporation in the Asia Pacific region, he was also actively involved in niche technology developments such as Java, Web and Mobile technologies. Muthu holds a degree in Electronic Engineering with a major in Computer Engineering from the University of Technology Malaysia (1985).

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Monday, 15 April 2013


My video with Manoj Gupta, head of VAS and Applications, Micromax.

A Gamechanger, with their entry level android phones being priced @ $50, micromax has been a trailblazer in india. Their latest is Canvas. Some of his quotes : "The speed at which we can bring a phone into the market is 1/5 th the speed as compared to the MNC phone manufacturers." "The indian consumer is an emotional consumer, who needs less doubt in his purchases, and hence looks for value for money." "Even our Rs2.5 K feature phone is a 4 inch touchscreen phone" " The middle class will demand to read, write and discover in their mother tongue". " India will still need a lot of feature phones, because on a bike, when you want to make a call, you still need a keypad as compared to a touch screen".

About Micromax: Micromax, is the 12th largest handset manufacturer in the World (According to Global Handset Vendor Market share report from Strategy Analytics). The Indian brand is reaching out to the global frontiers with innovative products that challenge the status quo that Innovation comes with a price. With an in-depth understanding of rapidly changing consumer preferences coupled with the use of advanced technologies, Micromax has been able to differentiate itself from the competitors through innovation and design.

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