Monday, 18 March 2013

KirubaShankar DigitalRockstar&Farmer

One of the most interesting people  i have met this year, a digital guru with +50,000 followers on Twitter, Kiruba talks about his passions, Internet, social media, his farming , blogging - he started blogging late 90s...and about his inspiration, Derek Sivers...

Kiruba Shankar is an entrepreneur, social media consultant, speaker, author, teacher, podcaster and a farmer. He is the CEO of BusinessBlogging, a social media consultant firm. He also heads Vaksana Farms, a farming venture and Verdure Books, a publishing house. He has authored 4 books and is working on the next.  He has written articles in leading business newspapers and magazines. He runs various projects catering to diverse interests such as Kiruba TV, Kiruba FM, Cerebrate, Sponge etc. He is passionate about comics, antiques, vinyl records, business cards, running, cycling, rowing, traveling and blogging.

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Sukirti Jagran Online CEO

My video with Sukirti Gupta, head of Jagran Online who talks about vernacular language and the digital ecosystem. Jagran is the world's largest newspaper, with +55 MM readers. In india, amongst the dailies, the language dailies are top 7 and the earliest english daily is at #8. The growth has been from 4 lakh NRI dominated  4 years ago to 36 Lac users monthly in india alone. has 247 editions and +10,000 stories daily. The key challenges according to her are content discovery, revenue sustainability and technology rendering on devices. Despite this, even in the digital space, they are as big as The Hindu and Indian Express and they have +6Lac followers on Facebook. She talks about Hinglish, English and Hindi.

Sukirti Gupta is CEO of MMI Online which manages the online media properties of the Jagran Prakashan Group, including Dainik Jagran, the worlds’ largest ready daily. Jagran.Com, the online portal of Dainik Jagran, is the largest vernacular language portal in India.

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Sunday, 17 March 2013

ArvindPani Reverie Entrepreneur

Meet Arvind Pani, Entrepreneur-founder of Reverie, focused on solving the language divide in the mobile  and digital world- his mission is "to make language irrelevant on digital platforms".

The magnitude of the problem: Though Indian literacy is 76%,  English literacy is about 10%, which means people that use mobile phones have paper stickers in their native languages to guide them, a ridiculous situation.80% of devices today sell in non latin regions where support for languages is very difficult in the digital ecosystem. They partner with Qualcomm and have rolled out devices with Micromax- they are also targeting Set Top Boxes... and are the engine behind PluxText

The big challenge Reverie has set itself- to create a digital user experience that has to match up to the next best experience- Print media- (the largest newspaper in the world is a local language newspaper in India) -Reverie has solutions, tools and technologies in three areas- consumption, interactivity and content processing to solve the language divide.

Reverie is a Bangalore based product startup that makes text communication possible in any language on digital platforms.It provide users the ability to read and type in any language of choice and also provide automated contextual text conversion of one language to several other languages.This framework not only allows for rendering multiple languages on such devices for text display, but also for text entry and other value adds such as contextual conversion of languages dynamically.

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NevilleTaraporewalla Microsoft

My video chat with Microsoft's senior director for Advertising for emerging markets, Neville Taraporewalla. Here he talks about how Technology can deliver to business. and about how he started his digital media excursion with the Times group, Yahoo, where he led the turnaround to a profit making company in India and to his current role in Microsoft where he evangelises digital. He says - "I see all technology companies have now become media companies"

An expert on the digital advertising industry, Neville Taraporewalla spearheads the Advertising and Online Business at Microsoft India. In this role, he drives long term success and market growth across Microsoft’s advertising and online offerings in India.

Overall, Taraporewalla has over 23 years of industry experience and has been one of the earliest adopters of the Internet. During his tenure with Yahoo! India from 2002-06, he was instrumental in reversing Yahoo! India’s fortunes and had played a pivotal role in converting the India office into a profit centre. In 1996, he led The Times of India Group’s foray into the Internet space, where he was in charge of online media sales, content production and marketing.

APOLOGY: my audio recording device malfunctioned during this interview, so apologies if the sound is not great- it is audible, but not clear- sorry about this.

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