Monday, 18 March 2013

KirubaShankar DigitalRockstar&Farmer

One of the most interesting people  i have met this year, a digital guru with +50,000 followers on Twitter, Kiruba talks about his passions, Internet, social media, his farming , blogging - he started blogging late 90s...and about his inspiration, Derek Sivers...

Kiruba Shankar is an entrepreneur, social media consultant, speaker, author, teacher, podcaster and a farmer. He is the CEO of BusinessBlogging, a social media consultant firm. He also heads Vaksana Farms, a farming venture and Verdure Books, a publishing house. He has authored 4 books and is working on the next.  He has written articles in leading business newspapers and magazines. He runs various projects catering to diverse interests such as Kiruba TV, Kiruba FM, Cerebrate, Sponge etc. He is passionate about comics, antiques, vinyl records, business cards, running, cycling, rowing, traveling and blogging.

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