Sunday, 17 March 2013

ArvindPani Reverie Entrepreneur

Meet Arvind Pani, Entrepreneur-founder of Reverie, focused on solving the language divide in the mobile  and digital world- his mission is "to make language irrelevant on digital platforms".

The magnitude of the problem: Though Indian literacy is 76%,  English literacy is about 10%, which means people that use mobile phones have paper stickers in their native languages to guide them, a ridiculous situation.80% of devices today sell in non latin regions where support for languages is very difficult in the digital ecosystem. They partner with Qualcomm and have rolled out devices with Micromax- they are also targeting Set Top Boxes... and are the engine behind PluxText

The big challenge Reverie has set itself- to create a digital user experience that has to match up to the next best experience- Print media- (the largest newspaper in the world is a local language newspaper in India) -Reverie has solutions, tools and technologies in three areas- consumption, interactivity and content processing to solve the language divide.

Reverie is a Bangalore based product startup that makes text communication possible in any language on digital platforms.It provide users the ability to read and type in any language of choice and also provide automated contextual text conversion of one language to several other languages.This framework not only allows for rendering multiple languages on such devices for text display, but also for text entry and other value adds such as contextual conversion of languages dynamically.

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