Saturday, 27 October 2012

RanaBasuThakur- Marketing Guru

My video with RanaBasu Thakur- who has written an item number for an upcoming movie- Damadol- he has written all the songs for that movie in-fact- is a playright, songwriter, professional photographer...Believes firmly in the adage "Jotha Desh, Totha Besh" a Bengali adage that loosely translates to "Be a Roman in Rome" -he talks about the indomitable spirit of a quintessential Bengali! He has been in a variety of businesses- as a techie, as a marketer, a media guy, an ad-man,-  +16 years of corporate experience with the likes of Reliance Telecom, EBay, Mudra

He has acted in #Lootere, and has his own IMDB profile- other cinema properties he is involved with include #ShesherKovita #Damadol ...

A true proponent of "follow your fancy!"

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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Annurag Batra-Exchange4media-Chairman

In this video, i chat with Annurag Batra- a feted media guru with a variety of interests, talks about his journey in Entrepreneurship and in the world of business. I caught up with him at the recently concluded E4M+MMA Event in Gurgaon, New Delhi. Amongst his  pearls- " Mobile Marketing is Like Sex - we talk a lot about it, but dont do enough of it"

Annurag Batra is an entrepreneur, journalist, Internet evangelist and media expert all rolled into one. He is the Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of exchange4media Group, which includes - India’s leading media industry website, PITCH - India’s only Advertising, Marketing and Media magazine, Impact - the marketing weekly, Franchise Plus - India’s Business Opportunity Magazine, Realty Plus - India’s leading monthly real estate magazine, and – leading media industry website in Hindi.
Annurag has multi-industry experience, having worked with India‘s largest advertising and media services firm HTA (now JWT) and Mindshare, as well as in the real estate industry and a host of relevant branded event initiatives.

Annurag has been regularly called upon to speak at various international forums, including the prestigious NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) in Las Vegas and The American Business Media Forum in New York and Florida, and he contributes extensively to various national and international publications. In 2006, the prestigious Management Development Institute (MDI) and Mr. Batra’s Alma Mater awarded him the “Most Distinguished Alumni of the Decade Award”.

Annurag also wrote for five years a widely-read monthly column “Enterprisingly Yours” for the entrepreneurship Magazine DARE. Last year DARE magazine featured him among the ‘Inspiring 50 Entrepreneurs’. Annurag now writes a monthly column for the “ Entrepreneur “ magazine called Infectiously Entreprenurial.

Annurag is also an honorary advisor to India’s leading website on fashion,, and was an advisor to the leading auto website, besides mentoring many budding entrepreneurs.

Annurag is a B. Tech in Computer Science, a degree which he acquired before pursuing his post-graduation from the prestigious Management Development Institute (MDI), Gurgaon.

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Vishnu-HavasMedia- Smarties2012 Awards

In this video, i catch up with Vishnu, the chairman of the jury of the Smarties India Awards 2012 by the Smarties -Mobile Marketing Association in 2012- which had 117 entries that were deliberated and whittled down to 48- across categories such as innovation, strategy, CRM, Lead Generation, Awareness etc... the full list of winners of the india event are in this link

Vishnu, as he is introduced on the Havas Website : In an earlier incarnation as an offshore oil engineer, Vishnu had developed the ability to get to the core of a problem. In his post-MBA career of advertising, he has honed it to perfection.

This bright young alumnus of Asia's number one management institute, Indian Institute of Management -, started out at DY&R in Bombay principally looking after the Colgate Palmolive account. His liking for media (and the Times crossword) led him to play dual roles as an account service-cum-media professional. Vishnu continued this dual tradition in his next job at Saatchi & Saatchi India. Where he took on a New Business role alongside his position as Director, Strategic Planning on P&G.

Moving to Singapore in 1995 to work with Euro RSCG Partnership, Vishnu helped raise the media department to a new level of pro-active functioning. His second job was devising strategic plans for many key clients. Vishnu was back with account servicing in mid 1998 starting with regional brand custodianship of the network's largest brands viz. Philips and Dell. He continued to do so wearing a dual hat of management stepping into the shoes of Managing Director of the agency in 2001.

The love for media saw Vishnu back in action with a media hat this time with MPG, the media arm of Havas in mid 2004. While consolidating existing business, Vishnu helped put many more countries on the MPG network map. By the start of 2007, he had set up a network of 26 operations across 18 cities in Asia Pacific covering the disciplines of traditional, digital and sports marketing all of which report into him in his role as the CEO for Havas Media in Asia Pacific as well as Havas Digital Regional Manager in APAC.

Some of his key experiences include Colgate Palmolive, P&G, Reckitt Benckiser, Sara Lee, Tata Group, Compaq, Intel, Dell, Volvo, Peugeot, Singapore Telecom, HSBC Bank, Vietnam Airlines and Philips.

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Saturday, 20 October 2012


You know what Mobile Short codes are, right? Well, TMS has created a platform for the internet in the post PC world, and it centers around TMS Shortcodes, which are SMS and Operator Independent. Their evangelical cry is " Please Do Not Develop A Mobile Strategy, Put Mobile At The Heart Of Your Media Strategy"..

In this video with Jonathan Ellis, the CEO of TMSway, a Media Guru with significant stints in Virgin Media, Eurosport and Star/Sky, Jonathan talks about their new platform which is mobile based as an integrator/ bridge between various media channels such as TV, Radio and Press...and in the process, collect great data. He talks about how they learnt from the #1 standard on the planet- the SMS, with 4 billion users. So they took the shortcode and created a Telco independent variant of this, to deliver personal optimised content to consumers. He talks about how they used this platform with an FMCG brand in Indonesia. The idea is to create a platform that works across all kinds of phones, including lower performance ones, which will be about getting to as many of the 4 Billion as possible...

He also talks about the importance of realtime analytics- and how thats the best way to convert interest into action- about how the same shortcode can offer different offers to different consumers at different times...

A Britisher (Leicester Univ graduate) who lives and works in Hongkong and can be found on twitter and linkedin.

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Tuesday, 16 October 2012


In this video, Arun Poojari,  Account Director @, an organisation with serious IP and insights into Mobile advertising, talks about BigData - how does data come to the forefront and enhances advertising, blending in and making it more relevant and less of an interruption? He talks about "no free lunches"- the notion of privacy, their bets on operators, and how Facebook, and Google are using data. He also gets into data and how  one ought to be looking at data. Arun is a guru, and this video has some serious insights for those who are interested in advertising and technology and the intersection these spaces and how bigdata plays a role.

Arun comes with a strong media background of over 12 years, spanning traditional and online Media. He is currently based in Singapore & responsible for accounts across APAC and works closely with operators and publishers in maximizing revenue through the amobee platform especially with the use of data. In his last role he was in-charge of transforming Nokia’s Digital Marketing across the APAC region and won many awards for Digital Marketing Excellence. At Microsoft India he was leading the sales team to monetize all Digital Assets and has been instrumental in growing business exponentially. He started his career with Star TV in Ad Sales.

In their own words -"[a•mo•bee] is the world's largest mobile advertising technology company that leads the market and offers comprehensive mobile advertising solutions to the largest mobile network operators, publishers, and advertisers".

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Sunday, 14 October 2012

Arthur-Mobext-Mobile Marketing

"Mobile is the new storefront" says Arthur, who  @ Mobext, a part of the French HavasMedia,  integrates strategy, technology, creatives and media  to deliver comprehensive mobile campaigns-he talks about examples such as Dominos in the UK who got GBP 3.4MM in revenue from 0.5 MM downloads of their App. He talks about Volvo's Major League Baseball (MLB) partnership app on the ipad- which delivers a 100% Share-of-voice to Volvo on this channel. He also talks about the differences between mobile marketing in developed and emerging markets- where he says mobile marketing is not as evolved-He says the app is a marketing, communications , loyalty and a commerce tool all in one. "Mobile makes every other media interactive- that is most exciting"

Arthur R. Policarpio is the Managing Director of Mobext Philippines and head of Mobext for AsiaPacific. He is a recognized pioneer and leader in mobile marketing in the Philippines, with more than a decade experience in mobile.

He is the co-founder and CEO of Snapworx, Inc., one of the biggest digital marketing companies in the Philippines. Established in 2002, Snapworx is a pioneer and leader in digital and mobile marketing. It specializes in mobile marketing, search marketing, social media marketing, and digital production. In January 2012, Havas Media acquired a majority stake in Snapworx's mobile business and subsequently re-branded it to Mobext.

Arthur is the former President (2009) of the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP), the official umbrella organization for internet and mobile marketing companies in the Philippines with more than 100 member companies.

He started his career in the brand management department of Procter & Gamble Philippines. During his stint, he was the local category marketing leader for the Laundry Category of the Philippines, and was instrumental in several highly successful product launches, such as Ariel. He was part of the team that won the prestigious P&G President's Cup Award in 2001 - the highest regional marketing excellence award for P&G. He graduated with honors from De La Salle University (cum laude), with a double degree in Philosophy and Business Management.

Arthur's Links:;+launches+two+new+offices

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Gustav-Praekelt-Entrepreneur-Computational Social Science

My very interesting chat with Gustav- founder Entrepreneur of Praekelt  who focuses on creating behaviour change in people using mobile technology. He has both for-profit and not-for profit activities which intertwine. A great story and an interesting idea that has the hallmarks of a good business. here he explains the notion of Computational Social Science and things like Influence and Susceptibility of an individual in a network- he is building on the work of  behavioral scientist Sinan Aral @ NYU- he also talks about the social community they built called YoungAfricaLive

Gustav Praekelt's  Praekelt Consulting enables clients to distribute content to mobile users, leveraging the fast growing penetration of mobile phones mainly in Africa. Gustav was inspired to start Praekelt after a visit to Tanzania where he noticed that everyone -- from the nurses,cleaners and the bank clerks — owned a mobile phone.

Gustav is passionate about using mobile technology to develop social solutions that improve the health and well-being of people living in poverty. Gustav started the Praekelt Foundation, an incubator that has produced products such as TxtAlert, an award-winning messaging platform that was used to increase clinic attendance rates among HIV patients. Already receiving global recognition for its work, the Praekelt Foundation received an 825,000USD grant from Omidyar Network. In 2011, the Praekelt Foundation launched a mobile community called YoungAfricaLive (YAL), a project dedicated to providing education and stimulating dialogue about the concerns of teens and young adults such as love and sexual health, which won the Global Gold Social Impact Award at the 7th Annual Global Mobile Marketing Awards.

Gustav's Links:
TEDX video of Gustav :
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If there is one industry that has been impacted by the information/social media/ engagement trends, its Market Research- and talking to Piyush Mathur the bluechip folks in MR- Nielsen- makes for a great conversation.

He talks about how Market Research's business model has evolved over time. how things like realtime data and access to customers are changing  the value proposition- as an example, he mention's Nielsen's Scantrack for retail markets where weekend sales are reflected in reports 3 days later... he also mentions social media insights tieup with Nielsen has with McKinsey- and how that resulted in interesting cocreation examples in the cereal category. some great insights from an articulate guru in this field.

I had a glitch in my video so had to insert some visuals in the last few seconds -after 8:24- the audio is fine though...

Piyush's Links:,the-nielsen-company-ropes-in-piyush-mathur-as-md-south-asia.aspx

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

RobMarston-ZeusUnwired-Mobile Evangelist & Entrepreneur

My video chat with Media/ Publisher and Ad Guru, Rob Marston, CEO/Entrepreneur of  Zeus Unwired, a passionate mobile advertising evangelist who espouses his cause in Sydney, Australia but is from Newcastle (UK).

Says Rob - “You miss the integration benefits of all the channels with the mobile platform when you look at mobile as a separate channel and a strategy,” - of an organisation's efforts to focus on the mobile platform to reach its customers- he advocates Integration as the key.

Says he on the nascent mobile ad spending : "Even in an advanced market like Australia, with 60% smartphone/40% tablet ownership, the mobile ad spend is only $40B of the total online digital spend of $3B- ~1% - i want a slice of the big pie which is in mainstream , rather than looking for the scraps on the floor left after"...

On the future , he is very bullish about tablets - and hisSnap, Dine and Cook analogy is an excellent way for us to think about how consumers use different devides and how we should plan for them....
Snap -is how we use Mobile Devices-  we look for quick information- instantaneous -ex movie times, quizzes
Dine - is about Tablets -a relaxed experience, immersive, engaged in longer form content, games, strategic rather than dipin dip out
and Cook is how we use the Laptop/desktop - used to do heavy lifting, document processing, music editing etc

A content packed interesting set of insights from Rob

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Monday, 8 October 2012


My video with Jonathan Bill, head of Innovation & Biz Development @ Vodafone India- a Londoner based in Mumbai..

Vodafone India is looking to data to take it to the next level in the Indian market. With 35 million internet users Voda has taken the first step to stir up the ecosystem in the indian telecom market by changing the  revenue-share percentage between developers and telcos- going forward, developers will keep 70% of the revenue, as compared to the currently prevalent 25-30%-more on this topic specifically in this insightful blog post by Dev Khare ,another of my illustrious interviewees... Jonathan used to be in Egypt before this and has seen the Arab spring unfurl....

Some of Jonathan's Insights :
"We are the #3 internet ecosystem in the planet today"
"There are two things different about the indian ecosystem- the business ethos is unique- and we are leapfrogging the fixed line internet and shifting straight to mobile- the transactional business model is a reality as compared to other markets- you only need 1-2 rupees from a large number of people to make a good business."
"The good times have started for 3G about 3 months ago"
"Mobile telephony and Internet have a significant effect on GDP growth"
"We are now in a simultaneous global position- we are not needing to wait for global innovation to reach India 6 months later anymore"
"Without question, Video is huge"

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Tuesday, 2 October 2012

ChetanSharma-Media Guru, Moderator, Author, MC

My video chat with Chetan Sharma, MC, Moderator, Radio Show host, TV presenter, Author, Media guru... the number of hats this guy wears goes on and on...

Here, Chetan shares a bunch of insights to share about what makes for a good media and stage presenter and how he has created a unique profile and brand for himself.

Warren Buffett has this to say about him during his recent visit to India : “I thoroughly enjoyed being present for the Berkshire event .Everything went off perfectly. The moderator in particular was very good, thoroughly professional and very much international. I specially enjoyed his candid views, insight and wit. It is very appropriate that he is a part of the Indian launch of my book – Wit, Wisdom and Warren and the start of our Insurance business here in India. I wish him the very best.”

Chetan's Links:
Chetan's interview with Katrina Kaif :

Monday, 1 October 2012


My Video with Suvodeep Das, CMO Kaya Skin Clinic  (Marico group)  with 85 clinics in 26 cities in india, and also in Middle-East and Malaysia.  an FMCG marketeer who has been successful in using technology to deliver great P&L results.

Working with Extremely Niche Audience- Women 20-45, living in Tier 1/Metro with MHI of 1.5 Lacs can become challenging for a marketer- yet, leveraging technology, Suvodeep has increased revenue, and increased footfalls to his clinics using innovations like "Geofencing"... "In 2 days we had 70 Lacs of revenue"

Serious insights- a must see!

Over the past 14 years, Suvodeep Das has built up a rich portfolio of marketing experiences:in advertising, with O&M for five years where he handled brands such as Dove, Cadbury’s Perk, Sunlight and Comfort. In Hindustan Unilever as Brand Manager of Sunlight, following it with a stint at Western Union as Marketing Manager, South Asia.

Suvodeep spent over three years at Western Union, during which he was promoted to Marketing Director, South Asia. In that role, he headed the company’s marketing and communications in India and neighbouring countries, and was responsible for inbound marketing from Europe and Asia Pacific. Prior to his current role at Kaya Skin Clinic, he was Category Head for hair oil at Marico Ltd.

Currently, Suvodeep is the Marketing Head for Kaya Skin Clinic, and looks after marketing, communication, PR and new initiatives for the brand globally.

Suvodeep's Links:
CNBC videos on Kaya:


My video chat with Suresh Narasimha, CEO of TELiBrahma which helps consumers engage in the real world- they have done a bunch of things around cool stuff like Augmented Reality- they do about 300 campaigns a month now, and they are on target to focus on 150 campaigns daily... They change the consumer experience, and have been successful in creating innovation in the Indian markets and taking that innovation abroad. Clients they work with include RoyalChallengers Bangalore, Nike, CoffeeDay...

Some use cases:
"How will your skin look with the cream applied?"
"How will your car look with different options?"
"How will your home/ building look from a 3D perspective?"

Suresh is one of Young India’s successful entrepreneurs and the brain behind TELiBrahma. He ardently believes that India offers a great opportunity to create and disrupt product offerings for global markets. Prior to TELiBrahma, Suresh handled several responsibilities in companies such as Siemens, Wipro and eCapital. Suresh is an engineering graduate in Electronics & Computers from Bangalore University. He comes with more than 15 years of experience in creating IP (15+ patents), Products and business in Mobility domain. Suresh is also an active speaker and core member of industry forums like MMA, TiE etc.

TELiBrahma is a leader in contextual mobile solutions. Since 2008 TELiBrahma has been focused on helping Advertising, media and retail industries.Their results are backed by Patented innovation, Partnership with leading media and retail houses, Inventory of consumers engaging through services and
a highly skilled team with deep understanding of mobile, media and retail industries.Being the world’s largest network away from the operators and world’s most powerful and lightest Augmented Reality platform, they are redefining boundaries in what technology can do.

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