Saturday, 29 September 2012

Rohit Dadwal- MobileMarketing Association- APACHead

In this video, Rohit talks about MMA and the charter for APAC in their big coming-out event in Delhi- here he talks about MMA and its charter in the APAC...

Rohit Dadwal is the Managing Director of the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) Asia Pacific Limited. Rohit oversees the MMA’s activities in Asia Pacific, managing the operations out of its regional headquarters in Singapore.

Rohit has extensive expertise in the economics of mobile, direct and digital marketing, consumer privacy and the government regulation of markets. A highly visible industry advocate with over 17 years of experience in the internet, digital and mobile spheres, Rohit has been instrumental in the MMA’s growth in the region, forging relationships with industry leaders and key stakeholders, and positioning MMA as the authoritative global voice in the mobile marketing and advertising industry.

Prior to taking charge of MMA’s APAC activities, Rohit spent 9 years working with Microsoft where he served as the Director of Platform and Mobile Services and contributed to the growth of MMA as a Global and APAC board member. In the past, Rohit has also worked with Bharti-British Telecom ISP services - India and with IPSII, an affiliate of VSNL, the largest internet service provider in India.

An enthusiastic evangelist of mobile marketing, Rohit sits on the board of the Digital Advertising Alliance (DAA) and is an Advisor for the Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP) and IDBYTE. Rohit also sits on numerous corporate advisory boards of MMA’s member companies.

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Friday, 28 September 2012

Ashutosh Srivastava- Emerging Markets CEO- Mindshare

My video chat with Ashutosh Srivastava, Chairman/CEO of APAC and Russia for Mindshare, a true doyen and a leader in the advertising world- great insights.

Some insights:
"People are doing multiple things at the same time- like playing with their mobiles whilst watching TV- challenge is for us and marketers who want to engage and sell to these people- for instance,do they pay attention to the ads that cost Millions of $ ?"

"Consumers access information wherever they go- so not just the shop, but wherever u go- this has made life difficult for marketers who have to track them wherever they go rather than being in front of them at 9 at their home when they watch tv"

"Adoption of mobile devices is changing the lives of consumers and their behaviour- wake up to mobiles, social netowrk, email, and this continues right thro the day"

"The complexity of connecting a brand with the consumer has increased"

"The opportunity lies in it being such a personal device- its far easier to connect  with the consumer, but only if you provide value- information, entertainment etc..."

On Accountability- "Traditional media campaigns on TV and newspapers- there are ways to measure exposure to consumer- once a month or in TVs case, weekly or daily basis, had an estimate of people being exposed to the brand- while you couldnt correlate that to results- like buy/recommend, norms evolved over time specially in FMCG- now, thats changed- because of infusion of tech into media- all devices are connected back to net and its possible to observe behaviour- second by second, minute by minute- all in Real time, so the ability to measure Return on money invested has significantly improved"

"The lines are blurring between the world of Branding  and the World of Direct marketing owing to the ability to pickup and collect data in realtime"

About Ashutosh- Ashutosh relocated to Singapore in August 2006 as CEO of MindShare Asia Pacific. He was previously CEO of GroupM South Asia and a board director since October 2004. Ashutosh helped set up MindShare India in 2001 and was its Managing Director until September 2004.

He led MindShare to a real position of strength in its first three years, helping win a host of new clients and making it a true ‘house of media' for its clients. Ashutosh has been in the communications business since he did his MBA from IIM Ahmedabad, Asia's leading business school.

Before long, he hopes to see media undergo a real shift to engaging with consumers rather than annoying them with interruptions all the time.

Ashutosh's Links:,the-fundamental-truth-of-our-business-is-talent-and-that-cannot-be-nurtured-overnight8217-ashutosh-srivastava.aspx

Monday, 24 September 2012

Abhi Naha-Author & Entrepreneur

My video with Abhi Naha, Entrepreneur and Author of the book "Essentials Of Mobile Handset Design" that he was in Delhi to launch...he talks about how he is creating a mobile phone for the blind- with new touch technology, etc

Sorry, a bit noisy, the environment- apologies!

Some insights :
"holistic design is key- the balance between hardware, industrial design, mechanical, software, apps and services, and the brand- all need to be packaged"
"there are 2 worlds- the first is the smartfone becomes lower priced, and the second is those that cannot use mobile phones today -284 million of them"
"Only 2-5% of the visually impaired know or use the braille"
"I want to make a positive difference- that drives me!"

Abhi Naha is the CEO and Founder of Zone V Ltd who specialise in empowering blind people through mobile devices. Previously he held senior management roles at Powermat and Idem. Idem is a Finnish handset design firm with over 100 million handsets in the market from four of the top Tier 1 Handset Oems in the world. Prior to that he was a senior manager at a Silicon Valley mobile touchscreen and user interface technology provider, Synaptics. Abhi Naha is an Ex Chairman of the UK based charity ’Beatbullying ' and Vice President and board member of the Communications and Manufacturing Association of India. He has also held advisory roles for Goldman Sachs and Silver Lake in the area of mobile handset user interface technologies. Abhi Naha holds a MBA from Aston Business School and BSc (Honours) degree in Electronics Engineering from Leicester University.

About Zone V in their own words- after all, they have Frank Nuovo the famous Nokia & Vertu designer and  on board-:
Oneliner:  "We will empower 10 million blind and partially sighted people through inclusively designed mobile phones"
They plan to design and take to market a range of inclusively designed mobile phones & apps which will address not only regular sighted seniors but also blind and partially sighted people.

They are Cambridge UK HQ and US based office in LA through their Chief Designer Frank Nuovo Ex Nokia Chief of Design.

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SN Rai- Lava Mobile- Director Promoter Entrepreneur

My Video with Shailendra Nath Rai, Or SN Rai, who is one of the cofounders and the director of LavaMobiles,  an India basedmobile handset manufacturer in india who sell + 8 million mobiles annually and have a 30% market share - they are focused on creating innovation in the mobile handset design in India.

Apologies- a bit noisy- however audible, i think - sorry about that!

Some of his insights:
-"our vision is to provide empowerment to people"
-"we invested on R&D and design side of the business and have +150 people in R&D"
-"we were able to fulfil local requirements such as Dual-Sim and Very High Battery- where most of the multinationals failed"
-"real action is in the bottom of the pyramid and should fit deep in corporate strategy"
-"82% of our components is sourced outside of India- only 18% is Indian- it has a high impact because assembly is a very small part of valuation- i cannot recover value only by this"
"Hardware based differentiation is going to be limited- cannot differentiate too much on things like touch, formfactor etc - and software is where the differentiation is- and thats where we have an edge over China"
"I am a supply chain guy and getting to know the unknown excites me"

With an excellent industry track record in the rural handset market selling +8 Million mobiles annually,, Lava is in the affordable smartphone ecosystem. The company aspires to be a leading player in the feature phone mobile handsets ecosystem by offering customers with a unique value proposition and in turn create immense value for its stakeholders.

Shailendra Nath Rai, co-founder and director, Lava Mobile is a business professional with over 24 years of varied business experience and is considered one of the leading professionals in Supply Chain Management in India today. SNR has been a part of a sponsored research project of 'Perpetual Supply-Demand Balancing' with the Indian School of Business.

SNR has also co-promoted Pacetel, a leading OEM supplier to Bharti, Reliance, Tata, Hutch, ZTE and other telecom majors.

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Thursday, 20 September 2012

BinayTiwari VServ MobileEcosystem

The 7th Mass Media Channel, is how Tomi Ahonen describes the mobile phone-  -and Binay is a believer- here he talks passionately about why he is so evangelical about the mobile ecosystem. Some of his insights:

"I love the mobile world - consider Venkat, an app developer, who started to make 15X the salary he was offered by one of the leading IT companies that he did not take - and this was 3 months after he released his app"

"There are reasons why mobile markets are different between first world and emerging world- for instance, they are prepaid markets- hence devices are lower priced (though a feature phone (not smart phone) does video, audio and apps- so the difference is blurring)"

"We partnered with an israeli company - Codename One- theirs is a fantastic app where you can develop an app in java and the software then outputs native files for J2ME, Android, IOS, WindowsPhone7, and we partnered with Codename One to enable the Ad SDK in the same 1click which delivers monetisation across platforms without any coding"

"I m passionate about the internet derive my inspiration for the internet from Mukesh Ambani who spoke about how data would start getting used on mobile way back in 2002"

Binay is the Head of Marketing at, a leading Global Mobile Ad Network. His passion for the Internet has been the 'pole star' of his career journey spanning Tata Broadband, Vodafone & InMobi. Binay has over 9 years of experience in the Internet & Mobile ecosystem, across Product Management, Marketing, Sales Strategy and Business Development. He has a deep understanding of Mobile Internet usage trends, App distribution & monetization models, Telecom data VAS, and Android platform adoption in emerging markets. On the personal front, Binay is a tech news junkie, Formula1 racing enthusiast and loves traveling.

About VServ in their own words: "We are a leading global Mobile Ad Network, having grown from just two founders to a strong global team. We have been at the forefront of the Mobile Advertising revolution, in turn being evangelists, thought leaders and pioneers in this space.
With premium App Inventory on both Feature phones and Smart phones, we offer unparalleled reach to a wide demographic.
More than anything else, we love the Mobile Ecosystem and are very excited to play a pivotal role in increasing its relevance and utility for consumers, marketers, content creators and developers."

You can download one of Tomi Ahonen's free ebooks @ this link :

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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

RicoWyder Fiksu MobileApp Platform

My video chat with Rico Wyder, of Fiksu, a Boston based tech platform that has recently raised $10MM,  who help  + 200 clients (app developers and corporates- including folks such as EA, MTV, Groupon etc) distribute their mobile apps globally - via a tech platform that can optimise spending according to performance...a good listen if you want to know how to distribute your apps at the most efficient cost.

Rico describes himself as an entrepreneurial mind, a mobile expert and an angel investor - currently based in Singapore as the APAC head of Fiksu, he specialises in mobile commerce, e-commerce, and SaaS. He has lived in Frankfurt, Singapore and Shanghai during his studies. After graduating from his bachelor's degree he worked for Singapore Airlines as a trainee, later on as sales executive. He continued his career as the Assistant to the Vice-President of International Sales at Sonova, world market leader in producing hearing instruments.

About Fiksu in their own words "We're a team of entrepreneurial mathematicians, technologists, and online marketing veterans. We've pooled our smarts to create a platform for helping mobile app brands achieve their business goals faster and more cost effectively than ever before. The fruit of our labor is Fiksu for Mobile Apps, the industry’s only mobile app loyal user growth platform."

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Monday, 17 September 2012

Alap Ghosh MobileAdvertising Komli Mobile

Alap Ghosh, is the strategy and publisher side head of Komli, one of the largest independent ad networks, that are present on display, search, social, video and mobile- and they have 250 strong salesforce, the feet-on-the-ground that are selling mobile advertising...he has seriously sexy insights on mobile advertising and how to make it business driven...a great watch...

Amongst the insights- "A big consumer brand created a mobile app for 1 lac and threw in 5 lacs for distribution-and the only thing they got right in this was the ratio between creation and distribution 1:5 " watch for more...

Alap's own Words on the Komli mobile website : "Coming from 12 years of working for organizations big and small, start-up and growth, Komli is where I have found a workplace that gives me the kind of peace and security that one seeks, for a rewarding career. The brilliant people, the stellar management and the overall sense of an urgent opportunity (and not frantic emergency) have driven Komli to where it is today, and will continue to take Komli further. I’m proud of being a part of Komli."

Alap Ghosh used to be the Head of Sales for Mobango, one of the contenders to the largest independent free app store. Alap has worked with several mobile innovators like Enpocket (mobile advertising) and Activemedia Technology (mobile loyalty) and is a veteran in the operator and consumer mobile applications domain. Having the experience of building and marketing large scale operator grade applications and nation-wide mobile marketing and advertising campaigns across hundreds of brands, Alap sees demands for great mobile applications in India rising to new heights, with smarter cheaper devices, mCommerce and technology savvy brands leading the way.

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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Pushkar Chitale Mobango Appstore

My video with Pushkar Chitale, Product Head, Mobango, an independent App store- with 6 million subscribers and 1 million downloads daily... whose value proposition is in ensuring that your content or app doesn't get lost in the clutter in IOS or the Google Play marketplace with their hundreds of thousands of apps. They deliver the package- get apps to come on board, distribute and monetise.

The impact is expected to be in Indian mobile gaming industry which is worth ~ US$ 100 million and growing @40 per cent annually. This is just the paid downloads market through the telecom operator channels. Ad revenues based distribution of games is very popular in India, driven by very large number of free downloads of apps and games in India. Approximate apps and  games downloads are 3-4 million per day in India. This is through the prominent app stores including Mobango. India has close to 12-13 million social media gamers which is growing at 14 per cent CAGR. Sports games like cricket are in vogue as well as games in the action, arcade and Bollywood genre. The key difference between India and rest of the world is that most of the downloads are still on the Java platform with limited penetration of smartphone platforms like Android or iOS. This is already changing over the next 18 months. Current smartphone penetration is still 3-4 per cent of devices and this is expected to rise to double digits with the launch of several low cost Android devices.

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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

RajivKumar Rocketalk Entrepreneur

My video chat with Rajiv Kumar, CEO Founder, Rocketalk, the multimedia, mobile social network with +18Million subscribers

"When we started 3.5 years ago, there weren't enough phones going around for our network to be supported" Our groups, such as "Mehfil" and "Antakshari" are serious winners- what we did with olympics is interesting- Google gave us a ringtone, and if you visit my profile, you can hear the olympic cheer...says he on the business model.

RockeTalk is India's No. 1 Mobile social network; known to have maintained by far the strongest audience engagement with over 400 million page views per month and has registered a remarkable count of +18 million Indian users and hundreds of thousands of communities.

RockeTalk is ahead of Facebook and Twitter on Mobile - Mobile Analytics Company Informate has released a report on Indian mobile usage and Mobile social networking. Using data over a period of six months, the study finds that RockeTalk is the most used mobile social networking application. Orkut comes in at a respectable second. Followed by Qeep, Facebook and Twitter. Airtel reported recently that almost 80% of data usage happens in non metros. If this pattern of usage is similar on other networks, the findings are not too surprising given that the popularity of Facebook and Twitter is mainly restricted to Metros as of now.

The interactive array services like voice and video blogs directly from mobile phone, sending of photos and video clips and live multimedia discussion forums are unique to RockeTalk. Its a phenomena on 2.5 G platform and is ready to rock on 3G

Rajiv Kumar, CEO & Founder, founded RockeTalk in Aug 2007. Rajiv is an IIT Mumbai Alumnus.Rajiv was the driving force behind the Bluetooth technology - Prior to RockeTalk, He founded Widcomm in 1999. Widcomm was an acknowledged technology and market leader in Bluetooth solutions.

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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Dev Khare-Lightspeed Ventures -VC

My chat with Dev Khare, someone who has worn quite a few hats in his varied career- Harvard MBA, ibanker, techie, entrepreneur, VC... he talks about the Mobile ecosystem in India and what will accelerate it... "I see opportunities in the direct to consumer, with monetisation through the mobile web, Android and IOS platforms..."

With a rich background in product management, marketing and international finance, Dev Khare brought his entrepreneurial experience to Venrock in 2006. Prior to Venrock, he held leadership positions in Symbol Technologies' Mobile Software Division. He joined Symbol in 2003 after its acquisition of Covigo, a mobile application software company he co-founded in 1999. Prior to Covigo, he held marketing and product management positions at CrossWorlds Software, a Venrock-backed enterprise software company, before its sale to IBM.

In addition to his involvement in software, Khare was an investment banker with Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette and with Jefferies & Company. Khare worked in India for DLJ Merchant Banking in private equity and Aditi Technologies in business process outsourcing and software services. He founded IndiaEntrepreneurs, a grassroots forum for entrepreneurs and investors and brings a wealth of knowledge to entrepreneurs focused on global opportunities in the mobile and new media arenas.

Lightspeed: Over the past two decades, Lightspeed has backed more than 200 companies, many of which have become leaders in their respective industries. We are currently investing out of Lightspeed IX, a $675 million fund focused on early and expansion stage investments in the consumer, enterprise technology and cleantech markets. Our team invests in the U.S. and internationally, with investment professionals and advisors in Silicon Valley, India, Israel, and China with Lightspeed China Partners.

MarcusTan- Smaato- Mobile Ecosystem

In this video, i chat with the Singapore based Marcus Tan, who heads APAC for Smaato, a mobile app monetisation company,  who talks about the "Technology Era" that is blossoming via the mobile device revolution all around us. "Investments in  4GLTE/ 3G  will create bandwidth that will create the demand for newer, high quality, video applications and devices- which will pitch India into the mobile age entirely leapfrogging the PC age"

Marcus spent his last 20 years in business technology and media leadership roles with companies such as Velti, Nokia, Travelocity, Lycos and Media Corporation of Singapore where he managed business development, sales and marketing activities across Asia Pacific region.

Marcus started his career with United Parcel Service, moved into the traditional broadcast media business soon after. During the years, he had successful developed and built global and regional media sales and marketing teams with successful sales strategies that generated “win-win” partnerships and campaigns across traditional, online and mobile media platforms.

He traveled extensively and had live and worked in many parts of Asia and is well endowed with a good understanding of the diversified business cultures in the region. His “can do” and hardworking attitude won him numerous positive results. Together with his “never say die” and hands-on leadership skills, he had successfully built strong and effective sales and business development teams. Marcus completed his Masters in Business Administration at Victoria University in Australia.

Smaato: Smaato provides a one-stop shop to mobile app developers to maximize mobile advertising revenues globally. Smaato provides Ads for Apps, and operates the leading mobile advertising optimization platform. More than 58,000 fast-growing app developers and publishers use Smaato to monetize their content in over 230 countries.

Monday, 3 September 2012


Rohith ranks amongst my best conversations yet... Rohith has, quietly and wisely- I mean that literally- the word that comes to mind when one speaks to him is "Wise" - created a powerhouse Robosoft,  with+75 Million downloads (yes that is millions), with +600 apps on the mobile ecosystem IOS/Android/Windows etc. And guess what, this +400  people company is based in Udupi, off Mangalore- Disclosure:  I have a vested positive interest in Udupi -after all, that's where I proposed to my wife. ...All in all,  an absolutely unmissable conversation.

My apologies- i was running short of battery power on my main audio recording device (Zoom H4n), so had to in the middle of the conversation, start another recording (on my ipad) -  #rohithbhat, i can assure you- i found the conversation fascinating. You folks can notice the switch-over @4:15, hopefully the quality is still passable.

Robosoft was founded in 1996 by Rohith and has grown from a startup operation to a medium-sized company. Earlier, he had worked at Recosoft Corporation in Japan and Larsen & Toubro in Bombay. Working at these companies exposed him to the latest technologies and internationalization issues on the Mac OS platform and helped him start Robosoft. Robosoft began as a 'Mac OS only' development company but later started working on products for the Windows and Web platforms. Rohith has successfully negotiated for projects from clients like Apple, Intel, Phillips, UMAX and Hewlett-Packard. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from Mangalore University.


Saturday, 1 September 2012

Rahul Shetty- IOS App- "GameYourVideo"- Entrepreneur

"Can you create an App that a 6 year old can edit video with?" this is the challenge that drove Rahul Shetty to create GameYourVideo , A Macworld2012 Best Of Show Winner and an Apple Iphone App Of The Week-  with 100K downloads and has been covered by Robert Scoble.

My video chat with Rahul Shetty, creator of apps @ Global Delight, with cumulative users of +20 Million including apps such as GameYourVideo

In Rahul's own words: "The rise of mobiles and social network has resulted in massive changes. The biggest change has been in the way people consume and create content. Content is what ultimately powers both the mobiles and social networks. Global Delight aims to power the content in this new space.  It invents new ideas and products in the space of photos, videos and music.  Game Your Video was created to solve the problem people have with videos" in this article.

A video demo of GameYourVideo is available here :

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