Sunday, 29 April 2012

RajSheth- Recruiterbox- HR in a Box for SMBs

In this video I chat with the Recruiterbox team about their entrepreneurial venture.

Customer Testimonial : " When Groupon entered China, Recruiterbox enabled us to manage nearly 500 interviews per week on the way to become the fastest growing country team in the fastest growing company (Forbes 2010) ever" says Fabian Kast, Head of Recruiting, Gaopeng China about Recruiterbox

Recruiterbox helps businesses manage job-applications efficiently- so you spend less time on "managing" hiring, and more time actually hiring ! It's a simple Applicant Tracking/Recruitment tool which gathers resumes into a searchable database, manages interviews,shares notes, sends auto-replies etc.. They also have a feature that auto-manages your website's "careers" page.

Founded by Girish Redekar, Raghuveer Kancherla & Raj Sheth, Recruiterbox is a story of smart indian youth with bluechip credentials choosing the entrepreneurial way...Girish and Raghu are B-Techs from IIT Madras (2005) & Raj is a Babson College graduate, who enjoys growing and marketing businesses.

You can find Recruiter box by clicking on Facebook ,  Youtube and @recruiterbox on Twitter.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Pankaj Dugar- Entrepreneur & Founder

Harvard MBA, McKinsey, Infosys, Cisco.... and... Entrepreneur?

Meet Pankaj Dugar - bluechip CV & 18 years in the US- he gave it all up, moved to Bangalore and started, which has gone Beta in Bangalore a coupla weeks ago and has been featured on VCCircle- check out the story at

Pankaj talks about Treetle, which allows you to ensure that your interests are brought to life- a sort of juxtaposition of location and interest- he talks about who should use Treetle, and for what, and what are the underlying trends that make it such a cool idea.

“In the old days, villagers used to gather under trees in the evening to discuss and plan activities. We wanted to name it but that was not available. So we hit upon Treetle,” says Pankaj

Pankaj also talks about his personal journey, what drives and motivates him, and how he sees choices and decision making...and has some good advice for those of us who want to take the leap....

A fascinating story- you can follow them on twitter @Treetleinc and on linkedin @

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Francis Pisani- Around the World on an Innovation Tour

I chat with Francis Pisani, ( yes, he rates a wikipedia entry- a writer, filmmaker, journalist, teacher and blogger who writes for Le Monde, a leading daily in France, who is in India as a part of his world Innovation tour- he is doing a Phineas Fogg with "Around the World in 80 Days", except that he is searching for nuggets of innovation from across the world.

Here he talks about his observations on the first world vs the emerging world, and on large vs small countries and the similarities and differences...Francis also talks about the innovation he has uncovered on his blog-available here 

Dr.Francis Pisani is a graduate of the Institute of Political Studies at the University of Paris in 1966, and he obtained a Master of Public Law in 1964. . In 2000, he acquired a doctorate in Latin American studies in political science at the Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris III .

He started out as a journalist in 1968 with the AFP and covered Saigon during the Tet offensive , and Prague during the Soviet intervention. As a journalist and regional correspondent for Latin America  he has written for many publications: Le Monde , Le Monde Diplomatique , Go ,The Progress , Liberation , The Unit , The Morning , The Latest News from Alsace , Montreal's La Presse , Ouest-France , Le Provençal , Le Nouvel Observateur , Journal de Geneve , Panorama , El País , Reforma ... He also has created content for radio: RFI , Radio Canada, Radio Suisse Romande , Belgian Radio and Television ...

In 1999 and 2000 he was reader in the University of California (Berkeley). In 2003, he lectured on journalism and the Internet at the Stanford University . He teaches on the same subject in 2004 at the University of California (Berkeley).

He works as a lecturer and consultant on the topic of the social impact of new information technologies and communication.

Francis Pisani writes articles on the subject in his blog  : Transnets , hosted on the website of the newspaper Le Monde . The site Wikio class in June 2007 the site Transnets as the 9 th most influential blog  of the blogosphere French. 

 In 2011, he launched Winch5, a world tour of innovations and social media, visiting over 30 cities between September 2011 and July 2012 . A world tour followed by several media, Francophone, Anglophone, and Hispanic9 

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

What happened @ MobileWorldCongress, Barcelona 2012-Anuraj Gambhir

In this video, Anuraj shares his experiences of the recently concluded- Feb27 -Mar1, 2012- Mobile World Congress, Barcelona -  - the biggest event for the Telecom and Mobile world.

Anuraj talks about the new emerging trends such as the emerging market for Appcessories , exemplified by the Nike Fuelband - - talks about his meetings with John Chambers, Eric Schmidt, Ben Verwaayen and Sunil Mittal.

He also talks about the underlying clash between the OTTs and the Operators and the intermingling of the Suits and the Jeans-this MWC included the AppUniverse and had a galaxy of developers.

Other things- the noteworthy Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 launch -  - which had a lot of artistes sketching your image on the tab all across Barcelona, the John Chambers dance on stage before the keynote and the emerging market focus that continues to drive the telecom world....

For more on mobile world congress pls visit  videos

Anuraj Gambhir has worked in the mobile telecommunications industry for over two decades across several parts of the mobile value web and devices ecosystem on four continents - Australasia, North America, Europe & Asia. He has worked from hands-on technical roles to senior executive management positions and is regarded by many as an industry visionary. Companies he has worked for include: NASA/JPL, SingTel Optus, Logica/Aethos, T-Mobile, Orange, GSM Association, Sharp, Siemens, BenQ mobile, Spice Corp & currently as Director -- Strategy & Innovation with Ericsson, based in India. He has spearheaded several innovations in the advanced as well as grassroot level mobile domain in mature and emerging markets.