Saturday, 31 March 2012

Jitin Goyal-Founder CEO of Snipple Animation

In this video, i chat with Jitin Goyal, founder and CEO of Snipple Animation. I know Jitin from my Infosys days... Jitin talks about his businesses, and his personal journey "The only difference between madness and genius is success"... he claims!

Jitin is the Founder, Managing Director and CEO of Snipple Animation. Jitin has more than 16 years of experience in industries ranging from banking, IT Services & online social media to animation & filmmaking. He has worked in India, UK, Europe, Middle-East & Africa and the United States. Apart from Snipple, he is also the Founder & CEO of Elpis, a vertical social network focused on environment, sustainability & community development, and Occam Technologies , a mobile applications and gaming company.

Earlier, Jitin was  a Vice-President at Infosys Technologies, a leading IT Consulting & Services company, where he was the driving force behind the company’s expansion in EMEA. Further back in the 90’s, Jitin was an FX derivatives trader at Citibank N.A.

Jitin is an avid art collector, a keen movie buff, a voracious reader and a fitness enthusiast. He owns an extensive film and music collection. John Lasseter, Hayayo Miyazaki, Akira Kurosawa and David Lean are some of his favorite filmmakers. Jitin is a die-hard fan of Pink Floyd & Led Zeppelin. His favorite food is the Mongolian barbecue. Jitin is also an aspiring writer and is working on various scripts and a collection of short stories.

Jitin lives with his family in London, and travels extensively- he is on linkedin ( ) and his handle on twitter is @jitin001

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Muthuraman-Riverbridge Financial Advisory

"Most SMB Entrepreneurs are unaware of the wide range of financial options available to them"- says Muthu, co-founder of Riverbridge Investment Advisors in this video chat with me. Muthu and Satheesh, cofounders of Riverbridge, are my batchmates from IIMB. They have started 2012 with a bang, and have closed 4 deals...and counting!

Muthuraman served as Director – Ratings at CRISIL Limited, a subsidiary of Standard & Poor’s, until September 2008.  He is presently the co-founder of RiverBridge Investment Advisors Private Limited, a boutique financial advisory firm that he founded with Satheesh, another classmate from the batch of '96 of the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore.

RiverBridge assists mid-size corporates in raising capital, largely private equity, venture capital and mezzanine funds.  RiverBridge also works with several reputed global Private Equity funds as their buy-side advisors in sectoral research and identification of suitable private equity investment opportunities.

Muthuraman has long experience in the credit rating industry, having worked in CRISIL for over 12 years.  During this period, he was largely responsible for new product development, criteria research, interaction with key regulators and strategy.  He also played a key role in feasibility study and subsequent establishment of a successful new regional credit rating agency in the Caribbean, headquartered at Trinidad & Tobago.

Muthuraman continues to provide training and investment advisory services in the Credit Rating Industry to RiverBridge’s clients.

Muthu lives in Chennai with his wife and son. He can be found on Linkedin ( )

DrBobbyJohn- State of World Health

Dr. Bobby John is one of the four principal partners of Global Health Advocates (formerly called Massive Effort Campaign). Global Health Advocates is a global non-profit organization that has been established to advocate for and catalyze the emergence of a social movement against AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and other diseases of poverty.

Dr. John originally trained in India as a physician with the Indian Armed Forces Medical College. He opted out of his Army commission and joined a small village hospital near Pune in Maharashtra State in western India. Dr. John worked for five years in the village as a combination surgeon and obstetrician. During these years, he was exposed to the hard realities of poverty, ill health, and the disasters of AIDS and TB.

Subsequently, Dr. John set up and headed World Vision India’s countrywide AIDS program. In 2002, he joined the Swiss-based Massive Effort Campaign as its Southeast Asia director, and subsequently became its president. He works closely with the numerous national governments and non governmental agencies in the region to establish, fund, and manage transparent, comprehensive, national health and education programs aimed at eradicating AIDS, TB, and Malaria.

Dr. John serves as the high-burden country advocacy advisor for the Gates ACTION grant managed by RESULTS.

Dr.John is on Linkedin ( )

Nurturing Entrepreneurs- SanjaySwamy

In this video, I chat with Sanjay Swamy, Serial Entrepreneur and Angel Investor about his views on Investing, Entrepreneurship, India and his Personal Journey.

Best known for his leadership role at mChek, the path breaking startup in secure payments, Sanjay has trodden the tough and demanding path of an entrepreneur all through his career.

After completing his bachelor's degree in engineering, Sanjay headed to Paris where he learned to cuss fluently in French, while getting a Master's degree, one of which proved to be more invaluable than the other over time. A stint at Xerox PARC in Palo Alto provided a moment of epiphany and it's fair to say that things have never been to same since. Bitten by the desire to create, Sanjay embarked on a journey to build world beating teams and products that took him through startups like Ketera and Portal Software, mChek and Zipdial, which he co-founded in 2010.

An active member of the community, Sanjay is a Rotarian and a charter member of TiE. Sanjay also played a prominent role on the UIDAI project under the leadership of Mr. Nandan Nilekani. He is a frequent speaker and evangelist in the entrepreneurship and payments circuits in the country. His life-changing app for 'how to win an argument with your wife' sadly continues remain in slide-ware and unready for field trials. He lives in his hometown, Bangalore with wife, Tulsi, and son.

Sanjay is on linkedin ( and on Twitter @TheSwamy

Saket Singh- Head of Operations, Delhi Airport

In this video, I  chat with Saket Singh, who is the GM, Operations, Delhi Airport, recently ranked 2nd on ASQ's Customer satisfaction surveys of airports, up from 130 in 2007- a great leap in customer satisfaction...

Saket talks about this transformation in Delhi airport, the morph from a PSU mindset to a service orientation, and also speaks about what he feels about the Indian Economy,sitting as he is, on the pulse point of the fastest growing emerging economy-India.

He also talks about his personal journey- he is from a military family, an NDA graduate with a 23 year career in the Indian Navy- he was a Commander in a Destroyer last-  and he switched to the private sector...

Saket is on linkedin at

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Valerie-Zipdial CEO &Founder

I chat with Valerie Rozycki Wagoner- the founder and CEO of ZipDial, which has 280 Million Zipdials to its credit and counting.... Valerie, from California, and with a bluechip background (graduation and post-graduation from Stanford) , has chosen to make India home for the past 4 1/2 years. In this video she discusses Zipdial's business success, as well as her personal journey and why she finds India exciting...

ZipDial is a Bangalore-based company, has impeccable bluechip credentials- its founders have degrees from top global universities and graduate schools as well as extensive professional leadership experience in both India and the US, including companies like mChek,, eBay, Ketera and Xerox.

ZipDial has been tested and proven through past campaigns with large customers such as KFC & Pepsi and Sanofi-Aventis as well as for small and medium businesses such as individual celebrities, NGOs and live event managers.ZipDial's technology is patent pending and available internationally.

You can follow Valerie on Twitter @Valrozycki and on Linkedin