Monday, 12 November 2012

TonmoyShingal- Mettl- CofounderCOO

My video chat with Tonmoy Shingal- who has 3 patents to his name, and is Cofounder of Mettl, which has recently concluded a $4MM  Series A funding round... "What Youtube is to Video, we want to be for Assessments"

Mettl is an online assessment and testing platform to measure, analyze and improve people skills. It is ideal for companies who want to run multi-competency assessments for their prospective hires or existing employees. They focus deeply on the science of assessments and combine it with advanced technology to deliver highly valid and reliable tests.

Today, Mettl works with some of the top names in multiple industries, including IT, ITES, Telecom and Banking. They are well funded, fast growing and disrupting the way assessments are done globally.

Tonmoy is an electrical engineer from IIT Kanpur (1998-2002) and a MBA from IIM Bangalore (2006-2008). Before founding Mettl, he has worked at Texas Instruments and The Boston Consulting Group. Tonmoy is widely travelled and has short working stints with JP Morgan and World Bank. He also holds three patents in the area of security algorithm design.

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