Tuesday, 9 October 2012

RobMarston-ZeusUnwired-Mobile Evangelist & Entrepreneur

My video chat with Media/ Publisher and Ad Guru, Rob Marston, CEO/Entrepreneur of  Zeus Unwired, a passionate mobile advertising evangelist who espouses his cause in Sydney, Australia but is from Newcastle (UK).

Says Rob - “You miss the integration benefits of all the channels with the mobile platform when you look at mobile as a separate channel and a strategy,” - of an organisation's efforts to focus on the mobile platform to reach its customers- he advocates Integration as the key.

Says he on the nascent mobile ad spending : "Even in an advanced market like Australia, with 60% smartphone/40% tablet ownership, the mobile ad spend is only $40B of the total online digital spend of $3B- ~1% - i want a slice of the big pie which is in mainstream , rather than looking for the scraps on the floor left after"...

On the future , he is very bullish about tablets - and hisSnap, Dine and Cook analogy is an excellent way for us to think about how consumers use different devides and how we should plan for them....
Snap -is how we use Mobile Devices-  we look for quick information- instantaneous -ex movie times, quizzes
Dine - is about Tablets -a relaxed experience, immersive, engaged in longer form content, games, strategic rather than dipin dip out
and Cook is how we use the Laptop/desktop - used to do heavy lifting, document processing, music editing etc

A content packed interesting set of insights from Rob

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