Saturday, 20 October 2012


You know what Mobile Short codes are, right? Well, TMS has created a platform for the internet in the post PC world, and it centers around TMS Shortcodes, which are SMS and Operator Independent. Their evangelical cry is " Please Do Not Develop A Mobile Strategy, Put Mobile At The Heart Of Your Media Strategy"..

In this video with Jonathan Ellis, the CEO of TMSway, a Media Guru with significant stints in Virgin Media, Eurosport and Star/Sky, Jonathan talks about their new platform which is mobile based as an integrator/ bridge between various media channels such as TV, Radio and Press...and in the process, collect great data. He talks about how they learnt from the #1 standard on the planet- the SMS, with 4 billion users. So they took the shortcode and created a Telco independent variant of this, to deliver personal optimised content to consumers. He talks about how they used this platform with an FMCG brand in Indonesia. The idea is to create a platform that works across all kinds of phones, including lower performance ones, which will be about getting to as many of the 4 Billion as possible...

He also talks about the importance of realtime analytics- and how thats the best way to convert interest into action- about how the same shortcode can offer different offers to different consumers at different times...

A Britisher (Leicester Univ graduate) who lives and works in Hongkong and can be found on twitter and linkedin.

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