Monday, 8 October 2012


My video with Jonathan Bill, head of Innovation & Biz Development @ Vodafone India- a Londoner based in Mumbai..

Vodafone India is looking to data to take it to the next level in the Indian market. With 35 million internet users Voda has taken the first step to stir up the ecosystem in the indian telecom market by changing the  revenue-share percentage between developers and telcos- going forward, developers will keep 70% of the revenue, as compared to the currently prevalent 25-30%-more on this topic specifically in this insightful blog post by Dev Khare ,another of my illustrious interviewees... Jonathan used to be in Egypt before this and has seen the Arab spring unfurl....

Some of Jonathan's Insights :
"We are the #3 internet ecosystem in the planet today"
"There are two things different about the indian ecosystem- the business ethos is unique- and we are leapfrogging the fixed line internet and shifting straight to mobile- the transactional business model is a reality as compared to other markets- you only need 1-2 rupees from a large number of people to make a good business."
"The good times have started for 3G about 3 months ago"
"Mobile telephony and Internet have a significant effect on GDP growth"
"We are now in a simultaneous global position- we are not needing to wait for global innovation to reach India 6 months later anymore"
"Without question, Video is huge"

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