Thursday, 11 October 2012

Gustav-Praekelt-Entrepreneur-Computational Social Science

My very interesting chat with Gustav- founder Entrepreneur of Praekelt  who focuses on creating behaviour change in people using mobile technology. He has both for-profit and not-for profit activities which intertwine. A great story and an interesting idea that has the hallmarks of a good business. here he explains the notion of Computational Social Science and things like Influence and Susceptibility of an individual in a network- he is building on the work of  behavioral scientist Sinan Aral @ NYU- he also talks about the social community they built called YoungAfricaLive

Gustav Praekelt's  Praekelt Consulting enables clients to distribute content to mobile users, leveraging the fast growing penetration of mobile phones mainly in Africa. Gustav was inspired to start Praekelt after a visit to Tanzania where he noticed that everyone -- from the nurses,cleaners and the bank clerks — owned a mobile phone.

Gustav is passionate about using mobile technology to develop social solutions that improve the health and well-being of people living in poverty. Gustav started the Praekelt Foundation, an incubator that has produced products such as TxtAlert, an award-winning messaging platform that was used to increase clinic attendance rates among HIV patients. Already receiving global recognition for its work, the Praekelt Foundation received an 825,000USD grant from Omidyar Network. In 2011, the Praekelt Foundation launched a mobile community called YoungAfricaLive (YAL), a project dedicated to providing education and stimulating dialogue about the concerns of teens and young adults such as love and sexual health, which won the Global Gold Social Impact Award at the 7th Annual Global Mobile Marketing Awards.

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