Tuesday, 2 October 2012

ChetanSharma-Media Guru, Moderator, Author, MC

My video chat with Chetan Sharma, MC, Moderator, Radio Show host, TV presenter, Author, Media guru... the number of hats this guy wears goes on and on...

Here, Chetan shares a bunch of insights to share about what makes for a good media and stage presenter and how he has created a unique profile and brand for himself.

Warren Buffett has this to say about him during his recent visit to India : “I thoroughly enjoyed being present for the Berkshire event .Everything went off perfectly. The moderator in particular was very good, thoroughly professional and very much international. I specially enjoyed his candid views, insight and wit. It is very appropriate that he is a part of the Indian launch of my book – Wit, Wisdom and Warren and the start of our Insurance business here in India. I wish him the very best.”

Chetan's Links: 
Chetan's interview with Katrina Kaif : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9EjHrzD9q0

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